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Flying Padre Program - March & April

Frontier Services Flying Padre Program

10th - 11th Leave (belated celebration of my 40th!)
13th Menindee Central School and community
14th - 18th Patrol West;Take wedding on the 17th in SA
19th - 25th Pooncarie, Menindee (inc Church service)., Ivanhoe
27th - 30th Patrol South
2nd - 6th Pooncarie, Menindee., Ivanhoe
7th - 8thThanksgiving Service; Packsaddle Gymkhana
15th Mazar Church Service
9th - 14th Patrol East
16th - 20th Uniting Church NSW/ACT Synod workers in for the week
21st - Wedding of Ashely and Bobby (Tibooburra)
22nd - 24th Menindee UCA service and School visit
28th - Wedding of Ani and Marco

Meet the CentaCare team

Come in and meet the team!

Nieves Rivera Family Worker

Foketi Thornycroft Financial Wellbeing

Brett Pettitt—Employment Mentor

In the office every Tuesday and Thursday

David Newman-White's Archibald submission, 2012

[This article is an extract from MetroNorth newsletter.]

Portrait of "Uncle Harold Hunt" by David Newman-WhiteArtist David Newman-White has submitted a painting of Uncle Harold Hunt to the Archibald Prize this year. The exhibition features portraits of people who are distinguished in areas like art, literature, science or politics.

Uncle Harold is from the Maliangaapa tribal group of The Corner Country of NSW which ran from Tibooburra to the Flinders Ranges in the South and East to the Paroo river. He has been a client of Wangary Home Care for 6 years.

Miss Barretts closed next Monday and Tuesday


Miss Barrett’s

Bits and Bobs

Will be CLOSED
Monday 26th March
Tuesday 27th March

We apologise for any inconvenience

Tea, Coffee, Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate, Books and Things

Phone 08 80 915 888

Miss Barretts closed next Monday and Tuesday

See also "Antique and rare books"

2012 March Clinics (Wilcannia & White Cliffs)


  • Wednesday 29th: Dr. Naomi Watts
  • Friday 2nd: Dr. Chris Hall (locum)
  • Monday 5th: Dr. Chris Hall
  • Wednesday 7th: Dr. Chris Hall
  • Friday 9th: Dr. Malcolm Morre
  • Monday 12th: Dr. Naomi Watts
  • Wednesday 14th: Dr. Elaine Powell
  • Friday 16th: Dr. Fabian Schwarz
  • Monday 19th: Dr. Fabian Schwarz
  • Wednesday 21st: Dr. Naomi Watts
  • Friday 23rd: Dr. Ron Spermon
  • Monday 26th: Dr. Fabian Schwarz
  • W’day 28th: Dr. Jacqueline Hegarny
  • Friday 30th: Dr. Malcolm Moore


  • Monday 5th: Sanjaya Gamage & Lauren Braunston
  • Monday 12th: Lauren Braunston
  • Monday 19th: Aoibehann Wall
  • Monday 26th: Aoibehann Wall

Recent power outage

A significant storm event brought down three power poles and associated conductor on the high voltage network on Saturday afternoon. The incident occurred near where the main line crosses the Menindee/Wilcannia road at Moorabin.

The small but violent storm tore branches from trees and dumped a lot of rain in a short time over the area. It was reported by Paul Woodbury, who lives at Moorabin, that the rain was coming in horizontal. The only significant structural damage there was the old shearers toilet which was blown 100 metres across the paddock and a number of trees blown over.

Several groups were on the river when the storm hit. One person said that looking down the river it was just a wall of white coming towards them and the sky was orange with lightening. Being on the water in a metal boat was not the ideal place to be. Fortunately there was not much hail in the storm.

Part of Darling River closed to powered boats

The NSW State Emergency Services and Barrier Local  Area Command have announced that effective from Friday the 17th February, the Darling River is closed to all motorised craft between Texas Downs Station and Weir 32 at Menindee.

Exemptions do exist for residents who are affected by flooding and require the river to access their respective homes. They are proceed at a low speed so to not create a wake. This closer has been put in place to safeguard newly constructed levy banks to protect homes and livelihood.

At this point there are only 2 residents in Menindee who require this (this is likely to change over the coming weeks). Police, emergency services and state water are also exempt.

Far West Region Flood Update - Tuesday 21 February

The NSW State Emergency Service continues supporting communities in the far west of the state to manage extensive rural flooding. Floodwaters moving down from Queensland and the upper Barwon River are impacting several major river systems and communities across the region are being urged to prepare for the effects.

Approximately 250 Goodooga residents remain isolated as they wait for the Birrie and Bokhara Rivers to recede. Both rivers peaked on Sunday 19 February 2012 slightly lower than expected, with the Birrie at 5.17m and the Bokhara at 4.28m. The NSW SES is working with the community to maintain supplies and protect lives and property.

Miss Barretts now open 7 days

Miss Barretts Coffee Shop is now open 7 days a week.

Opening hours are 10am to 4pm weekdays

10am to 1pm weekends.

Miss Barretts is also now serving iced-chocolate and iced-coffee drinks, made with fresh milk, ice-cream and fresh whipped-cream.

A well sBooks galore at Miss Barretts, Wilcanniatocked and sorted used book collection has also been arranged.

Miss Barretts is also air-conditioned, and provides free wifi to travellers

River Radio website up and running

The IRSD funded Wilcannia River Radio website is live and running. Fantastic local resource and promotion of a positive and much loved local MPREC initiative!River Radio directory

The RSD Wilcannia Community Service Directory is featured on the website and the local community events page updated by the Wilcannia RSDC office.