February 2015

Carp Muster, White Cliffs Opals, Miss Barretts open

Hello everyone

Just a short one as a couple of items have appeared.

Donna said they have the big Carp Muster on next Saturday 14th. in Nyngan. Big day at Nyngan and a lot of fun. Meanwhile if you are in White Cliffs, the Southern Cross Opal Shop is open for business.

If you are passing through Wilcannia then Miss Barrett’s is opening today, the coffee is ready!

Lets know as you all come on board, big year coming up. Don’t forget, you’ve always got company on the road with ABC 999 Broken Hill, (1584 Wilcannia) and 2WEB 585 Bourke, FM 103.1 River Radio Wilcannia.

Till next news, take care hot week upon us, cheers Bill Elliott  WCTA.

Pretty quiet

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new faces! How was your Festive Season? AND how good was that RAIN!! Just fantastic wasn’t it?

I’ve done a bit of a ring around, and there doesn’t seem to be much going on at all this month. In fact I can’t find anything!