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History, culture & country

St Therese's Mission School was established on 22 February 1966. The school is situated on a flood plain on the outskirts of town, in delightful bush surrounds on the banks of the Darling River.

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Excerpt of the "Principal's Message" (Paul McKay, Principal) St Therese's Community School:

St. Therese’s Community School is an inspiring, innovative and creative environment where students and staff are engaged in the teaching and learning experiences together.
Staff at St. Therese’s Community School are professional, passionate and dedicated to providing authentic learning experiences for every student and to ensure that each student’s individual needs are catered for through the development of Personalised Learning Plans on every student.
At St. Therese’s, we are ‘Safe, Friendly, Learners’ and we focus on creating a positive environment where students feel comfortable to discover, play and learn.
St. Therese’s Community School has many exciting programs such as our Community Visits, Birthday Assemblies, Books in Homes, Nutrition and Dental Programs, Art Competitions and Sporting Events along with many more. These programs provide opportunities for families, the wider community and other organisations and services to become a part of our special school community.
Students at St. Therese’s Community School have access to the latest technology including iPads, iPods, Mac books, computers and interactive whiteboards as well as many hands on resources to engage them in meaningful learning experiences.

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