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19-23 Bonney Street,
Wilcannia NSW

Online or in person in Wilcannia or Broken Hill. Can come to you if necessary.



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Your body is speaking to you : Each symptom has a purpose : Telling you what you need

Through muscle testing each session is tailored to uncover and decipher those messages from your body. Finding why the imbalance occurred? Using counselling, body work, essences guided meditation and sound for relaxation and understanding. Aligning you with your essential nature. .

Can work with

Life, work and relationships challenges, Emotional issues, Injury//Surgery recovery, Chronic disease, Learning issues, Mobility issues, Trauma and Grief

Call Louise on 0417 830 040 to discuss what kinesiology can do for you or your child.

Her intuition was honed through writing over 11,000 poems for people around the world. :Louise loves to gift 'Heart song' poetry. She hosts people at The Poet's Garden artist residence in the historic Resch's Home.

Lighten your load. Remember you Matter! 

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