June 2023

Lot of travellers, Outback Gala Concert, and more

Good morning everyone,

Wish we could turn that fan off, the wind is bitter in the outback. Hope you have had a great couple of weeks, lots of great people going through our towns, in fact the van parks are bury as.

I’ve mentioned before to check out our radio stations out here for guidance, well almost all our towns also have a newspaper. And those papers are full of what’s happening in and around. The Hillston Spectator, the Barrier Truth, the Wilcannia News, to name a few, and then there’s the local School News letters. Heaps to keep you informed.

Rain, roads closed, Duck creek races and more

Good morning all,

Well it’s quite simple, great rain everywhere, and pretty well all roads closed. Please check with the relevant Shire you are travelling through for closure notices, but currently the only roads open in Central Darling are the sealed roads and the Cobb highway.

So, what’s coming up for you. First on the list is the Walgett Races next Saturday the 17th. Keep an eye on the sky! Then we duck over to Broken Hill on the 27th. where the Melbourne Comedy Festival is putting on a great show at the Civic Centre.