Lot of travellers, Outback Gala Concert, and more

Good morning everyone,

Wish we could turn that fan off, the wind is bitter in the outback. Hope you have had a great couple of weeks, lots of great people going through our towns, in fact the van parks are bury as.

I’ve mentioned before to check out our radio stations out here for guidance, well almost all our towns also have a newspaper. And those papers are full of what’s happening in and around. The Hillston Spectator, the Barrier Truth, the Wilcannia News, to name a few, and then there’s the local School News letters. Heaps to keep you informed.

So, what’s happening. Well in order for July, and it will keep you busy! 1st. July Outback Gala Concert at the Broken Hill Civic Centre, and while you’re there, heaps happening at the Palace Hotel. Also on the 1st. is the Duck Creek Races near Nyngan, if you enjoy dressing up. Can’t do both though! Now duck  back over to Wilcannia on the 2nd. for our Community Markets in Baker Park, and then across the street to the Wilcannia Café, (old Miss Barretts) they’re doing a great job.

Head up to Milparinka on the 8th. for their Gymkhana, always a big event, free entry and fully catered. You can’t be in both places, but Brewarrina has their “Stars On Ice” happening from the 3rd. to 9th. Sounds good. We’re all over the place here but there’s a big weekend on at Wentworth also on the 8th. and 9th. Wentworth Junction Vintage Rally, no doubt a lot to see there.

Moving on to the 15th. is the Carinda Races if you’re a horse person or enjoy a flutter, and then to round off the month there’s the Lightening Ridge Opal Festival on from the 26th. to 29th.

Well folks that’s it in a nut shell, a lot of people doing the Darling River run also, quite a few Farm Stays along there as well as all the little towns waiting to welcome you.

I won’t be around in a fortnight’s time but we’ll see what August has to offer when I get back. Till then, you know the go, stop and say g’day, ask a local, you’ll be amazed what you learn, and have a new friend! Cheers for now, Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Tourist Association.


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