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For latest news on services, roads, tours and events, please call Tourism Association president, Bill Elliott on mob. 0429 915467, or enquire via our contact form.

See also "Wilcannia News newspaper" for newspaper contact details (e.g. "letters to the editor")

RFDS Clinics

As from Monday 13th February 2012 we will be trialling a change to the booking service for the doctors clinics.

  1. "Walk in" will be held in the morning. No appointments needed.
  2. First in, First seen.  Upon arrival please take a number at reception from Maxine.
  3. Booked appointments in the afternoon. Please ring and make an appointment with Maxine.

This change will be trialled on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's until the 4th April 2012 and will then be reviewed.

For more information, or make and appointment call Wilcannia Hospital on (08) 8083 8706

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Essential information

Essential Information


Phone No.s

For all Emergencies including Fire and Ambulance, Ring 000 or Text 106  
Garbage day: Every Wednesday. Collections start in Woore Street ataround 7.45am. 1 Wheelie bin per resident. No reclycling bins
Council Garbage Depot: at the far end of Hood Street. Open ever day except Tues & Wed open 9.00a –12.00p
08 80 838 900
Central Darling Shire Council—main office crn Reid Street and Bryne St. Mon—Fri 8.45am to 5.00pm
Works Depot—Myers St (broken Hill end of town)
08 80 838 900

Wilcannia - Facts and Figures

Wilcannia was first settled by Europeans following the exploration of the Darling by Major Thomas Mitchell. The rest stop on the Barrier Highway on the Cobar side of town, commemorates one of his survey points.

The original settlers were pastoralists who took up “runs” that were millions of acres in size. Wilcannia is in the area that is the homeland of the Barkindji people. “Barka” being their word for river.

The Barkindji was a group of tribes that ran the length of the Darling River from Bourke to Wentworth.

A shepherds hut and a woolshed, which were part of the Mt. Murchison run stood where Wilcannia now is.

Local artists' work

It is envisioned that local school students will soon be able to exhibit and sell their pottery at Miss Barretts Coffee Shop.

The nature of the exhibit, and details of commission structures are currently being considered by stakeholders (e.g. Deirdrie Truslove, arts teacher, and various community members).

For more details, please contact Deirdrie on 08 8091 5801

Miss Barretts - first new shop in 20 years

Miss Barretts opening (May 13, 2011)Lulla Vincent, a niece of the Miss Barretts, unveiled the sign for Miss Barretts Bits and Bobs shop in Wilcannia last Friday (13th May, 2011).

The renovated building is called “Miss Barretts” after the Barrett sisters who lived there for most of their lives and who, for many years, ran a haberdashery shop from the front room.