July 2014

lot's on in the area

Good morning Everyone,

Goodness it’s nearly afternoon. The email waves are a bit slow down here in Newcastle, but the weather is good.

How was the weekend? All good I hope. The next item on the calendar seems to be the “Opal and Gem Festival” at Lightening Ridge starting on Thursday and running for 4 days so you have time to make it.

But, if you are anywhere near Nyngan, then the Nyngan Ag. Expo is on the 2nd. They cram everything into “1 big top day”. Go and see Terry Tremain, he’s the main man and tell him I sent you. Don’t miss it if you are about!

ATM at Warrawong, Menindee Markets, etc

Good morning everyone,

My carrying on about it being dry didn’t help did it? It’s a true saying though, every day is a day closer to rain!

Thanks Julie for your feed back, glad the Fishing Comp went well, and all the best for your mammoth catering task.

Incidentally, we have an ATM in the reception room at Warrawong Caravan Park. How good is that. And getting lots of use Kim says.

First place to be this week is the “Christmas in July” festivities at White Cliffs next Friday if you are in the area. Or if you are staying at Warrawong, duck up for the day.

Or you can trundle down to Menindee, have a look at the lakes and have a great day at the Menindee Community markets on Sunday (27th.). Bound to find a treasure.

By the time you head north, (if you wish!) up past Greg and Lilly, drop in perhaps, up to Wilcannia, Tilpa, (dropping in of course!), you will just make it nicely for the Louth Races on the 9th. Aug. Just can’t miss the Louth Races.

Christmas in July, Opal and Gem Festival, Nyngan Ag Festival

Good morning everyone,

If anyone can turn that wind off! Lazy one isn’t it? We’re getting back to needing a shower or two of rain on the country as well, feed is getting short.

We have to be a bit long sighted this week.  There is a great night out at the Warrego Hotel in Fords Bridge next Saturday night, if you happen to be near. It features The Darling River Dirt Band.

Then back down to White Cliffs if you happen to be passing, you can join in the fun with Christmas in July on Friday the 25th.

For those travelling north, why not drop in to Lightening Ridge and enjoy The Opal and Gem Festival, 31st. to 3rd. August. If of course, you would like to attend one of our “Blue Ribbon” events of the year, then head to Louth for the Annual Louth Races. They come from near and far, and camp for up to a week. Outstanding event, and for more info. Contact Liz Murray at Trilby or Shindy’s Inn at Louth.

Winton Open Festival, Fishing comp and White Cliffs Sporting Club

Good  morning everyone,

Been out of circulation for a few days but I’m sure the world has not stopped moving. Have you heard about the “bucket of water”? You put your hand in a bucket of water, pull it out, and the hole you leave is how much you’ll be missed! Anyway.

Now, we have coming up! Big week end at TILPA next Friday with their Fishing Comp. They’ll look after you up there for the 3 days. If you are in White Cliffs next Friday and not in Tilpa then you can go to the Sporting Club and enjoy Fish and chips with all the gang, and Honour has the Shop closed that night. Of course if you happen to be in Wilcannia on that night instead, you can relax at the Golf Club restaurant and enjoy the best Chinese meal anywhere around, and use the Golf Club courtesy bus to get there and back, thus enjoying a few alcoholic beverages!

Moving on, which I guess you people have to eventually, the Winton Opal Festival is on the 12 and 13 August, just give you time to get there. If on the other hand you don’t get that far, then call in to the Walgett Community Markets on the 12th. bound to be a bargain there.