August 2014

Dubbo Stampede, Menindee Fishing Challenge

Hey, so great to catch up with some of you last week. And on that subject I will get Warrawong brochures posted to those concerned, Amy would you pass some on to my great friend Gladdie at the Museum please.

Very busy here in town last week, (and me away!). Lots of people moving again after the rain.

Some really great feed-back from people who were part of the “Poetry on a plate” at Bourke, if you’re in the area it’s a must and it’s on 3 nights a week. Well done Andrew and crew, and that “On the Road” programme should soon be on the ABC I would suspect? You might let me know please Therese.

If you’re a retired “cocky” travelling around, you might like to drop in to the National Merino Ram Sales at Dubbo, 26th. -28th. this week. Bound to find someone you can spin a yarn to! The Dubbo Stampede is on also on the 7th. Sept. If you want to wait around.

Getting back to “the back country”, we have Dancing under the Stars, happening in Cobar next Saturday. Don’t know where or details, but if you go up to the Museum in Cobar Cathy and the gang will definitely look after you. Can you pass this on to her please John.

Further out again, is the Fishing Challenge in Menindee on the 6-7th. next month. Not much of this month left is there! And you can stay on for the Country and Western Night again at Menindee on the 13th. Big prize money too for that Fishing Comp. Borrow a line, bit of bait, get with ‘em!

Lucky Louth, rain and Underground Arts Festival

Good morning everyone,


What a fantastic rain! Now I know it is probably a pain to some travellers who have an ideal trip mapped out, but being an old “cockey” it was a lifeline.

We seem to have a quiet week to follow, and of course pretty well all unsealed roads in the outback are closed, so not a lot of options available. Perhaps sit back in a Caravan Park, check out the town, and goodness knows who you will meet. Remember a stranger is only a friend you haven’t met yet!

Wasn’t Louth lucky to get their Race meeting in last week end. I believe the coveted “Louth Cup” is sitting proudly at the Tilpa Hotel, thanks to Justin, Julie and family’s horse “Win for Wilson”. And won the Duck Creek meeting as well!

Racing legend Frank Stacey is said to have commented, “It takes a bloody good horse to win the Louth Cup.”

Heard from a lovely lady at Bourke that the “Poetry on a Plate” group up there have a Camp oven Dinner 3 nights a week at Kidmans Camp, with some good story telling and poetry thrown in. That will definitely pass a couple of days while the roads dry out. Still at Bourke, Andrew Hull is getting close to launching a programme on the ABC, called “On the Road”.  Guess you would tune to 657 Western Plains. Knowing Hullie it will be done well.

Otherwise, the big Shoot at Milparinka I believe went well, as did the Land Care Forum at White Cliffs, 75 attended i think. Including a live broadcast by ABC Broken Hill, well done Julie.

Would you believe I can’t find a single activity next weekend! However, reaching out, we have Fathers Day Cricket match at White Cliffs, obviously on the 7th. and BBQ at the pub afterwards. Underground Arts Festival  26-27-28th. Sept.

New business Ivanhoe, Country night 5th, Louth and more

Good morning everyone,

Back in my own patch again, all is good. What a full weekend, Louth Races were their usual wonderful weekend. My mate in Ivanhoe reported the Quick Shear on Saturday was absolutely fantastic. And the “Carnival” season got under way at Muswellbrook. Called in and met “Jerry with the long neck” at the Matilda Motor Inn on our way home, welcome to our group Murray and Sharon.

Now, Thursday it all starts with Trivia at the “Albie Pub” in Menindee with big prize money.

You’ll then have to rise early Friday morning to make the Landcare Forum in White Cliffs on Friday and Saturday. That will be a great weekend up there, as there is the “Fun Walk” on Glen Hope Stn. on the Sunday to walk off all that “Forum Food”

If you are in The Corner Country area then don’t feel left out, you can have a full weekend at Milkarinka. The “Field and Game Shoot” is on next Saturday and Sunday, a big crowd for sure.

But wait! If in Cobar, why don’t you poke along to the “Community markets” in Drummond Park next Saturday. See Cathy and crew at the Cobar museum and they will look after you.

I owe Peter and Patsy at Silverton an apology, their “Country and Rock Night” is on the 5th. September, a bit off yet but we will remind you.

Yet another business opened in Ivanhoe, you can now go to the newly opened Dining room at the RSL Club for lunch and dinner. So drop in to Wendy at the Servo and Van Park for the day and kick back at the RSL Club for a comfortable evening.

This ‘en that.

Good morning everyone,

My apologies if this is late again! I will have to get Fiona to pass it on as my “long distance” technical skills are sadly lacking.

Hope anyone who attended Nyngan Ag. Expo had a great time, and you certainly will if you make the Louth Races next Saturday, great day.