March 2015

Easter, Nyngan, Wilcannia, Menindee

Good morning everyone,


Well Easter is almost here at last! And it’s all happening. I’m just going to list all the activities and you can take your pick!

In no preferential order at all, we have:

Back to Bourke Celebrations, all over next weekend at the river town. If you have even heard of Bourke you’re welcome!

Sunset Strip down at Menindee have their Big Golf weekend on the 3rd. 4th. 5th. also, (flyer on last weeks email).

Whilst there the Menindee Markets are in full swing on Easter Sunday at the RTC centre.

White Cliffs Underground Motel, Menindee Golf, Hay Outback Festival ++

Hello everyone,

Had last night at the White Cliffs Underground Motel. What a fantastic place! And a new experience, you should definitely try it. Apart from that it’s a great little town as well.

We still have the same problem of nothing happening till Easter. But then Easter s nearly here. Again, the highlights over our Easter period are many and varied.

Big back to Bourke celebrations up in their neck of the woods, it’s all happening and I’m sure Hullie will have the camp oven going.

Big Golf extravaganza happening at Sunset Strip. The flyer is attached, if you are about there, 3rd. 4th. 5th.

Remember I said about the Griffith Pioneer Park Museum, big day on the 3rd.

Duck across to Hay then, “The Shear Outback Festival of Blades” 4th.

And if you can make it to Menindee, all the fun you want at the Menindee Community Markets, at the RTC Centre Easter Sunday.

If you are around Nyngan (the inside country!) then go and see the big “Easter Rugby League Challenge” they’ll look after you.

Don’t forget the Inland Tourism Awards are open and being held in “The Silver City” this year, why don’t you nominate someone.

What's on, Hay, Menindee, Griffith and around

I’m sure all concerned would have had a fabulous day at St. Pat’s on Saturday. 50th. anniversary and all, well done Broken Hill.

Well now I seem to have a host of activities of interest around Easter but not a lot in between. Unless you would like to come to our Clean Up Aust. Day here in town on the 29th.! really welcome, and we’ll give you a Barbie lunch!