Check roads, River Boat Cruises and more

Good morning all,

Yes I know I’m a day late but you weren’t at work yesterday you see. Met some wonderful people down the street today, most of them were doing the Darling river run from top to bottom.

And then there were the ones who were just wandering round the state and were so great to have a yarn to, and you realise how small the world really is.

Have been talking to a lovely lady at NPWS that I know in Broken Hill, now if you wish to camp in a National Park in our great state, it’s essential you book. Best idea is to ring the Broken Hill office and speak to Carolyn, she will definitely look after you. The number is 80842880, and the same applies to bookings for Mootwingee tours as well. Best to contact Carolyn. Mootwingee flyer attached.

In this time of no activity in most places, it’s hard to not repeat myself. Having spoken to many travellers over the last many weeks now, I have found all you people need is a chat and pointed in the right direction. Everybody is happy to learn a little about each town and we as townspeople are so happy to see you all stop by and use our facilities and stop overnight where you can. We here in Wilcannia apologise for the “Covid signs” each side of our little town, we are one of only 3 towns in the entire state discouraging visitors, but we still welcome you.

Now next Thursday in Broken Hill there’s the Miners Memorial Ceremony at the line of load. To people who were associated with Broken Hill back in the early days, this could be significant. To remember those who lost their lives over many years at the mines. It’s at 5 PM in the afternoon and for more info on that and anything at all in and around Broken Hill, poke on in to the VIC in Blende St. and Patrick and his band will look after you.

I spoke earlier of the Darling river run and would you believe it’s just started raining! Not much but be aware of our dirt roads, sit back and read  book for a while and let the wind dry ‘em out.

Hope you all are enjoying the hospitality that our little towns out in this area are providing, stop and have a yarn to someone, turn a stranger into a friend. It’s such a good life. Oh and if you are poking round the back streets of Wilcannia here, just be aware of an odd juvenile on unregistered bikes at high speed, no helmet. We are no different to other towns unfortunately, would hate to have your trip spoiled.

Don’t forget, Rob’s River Boat Cruises are still going in Menindee. The Jandra is still operating in Bourke. You can still do a tour of White Cliffs with Rob. You can relax at Trilby, Dunlop, Kallara, Neila Gaari, or Bindara. RFDS Base in the Hill. And heaps more. Did you see them featured in the “Outback magazine”? How good was that.

Now next week you will have to read this over again ‘cause I won’t be about. I’m taking my”6 Pack” to Myall Lakes, first time we will all have been together since god had the measles.

So, have fun, keep smilin’ and I’ll touch base in a fortnight. Cheers,  Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“If you drink 5 glasses of milk you will be strong enough to move a wall. If you drink 5 glasses of wine, the wall will move for you.”