April 2018

Broken Hill's Agfair, Denman's The Wine and Food Fair, and more

Good morning all,

Travelling again I’m afraid, the beauty of technology. For those interested, there’s hardly a blade of green feed from Adelaide to Newcastle to Bendigo. As bad as I’ve seen it.

On with our events though. As I said last week, one of Broken Hill’s flagship events is Agfair next Friday and Saturday, wonderful 2 days of exhibition. Then duck out to Silverton for a relaxing wind down on Sunday. If you’re further down towards the ‘inside country’ then be sure to get to the Cobar Show, also on the 4/5th. and very entertaining.

Now again as I said last week, much further down in ‘the inside country’ is a big event at Denman, it’s “The Wine and Food Fair”. They get thousands there each year. Or you can have a flutter on a horse or two at the Muswellbrook Races, also on the 4th. May.

Move on to the 12th. and you need to be in Wentworth. Both the “Mother’s Day cent Sale” and the “Fort Courage Fishing Comp” are both on the same day. If you can stick around the river town, then there’s a “Cuppa” for the Sunraysia Cancer Research, on the 24th. again at Wentworth.

Let’s head up to Bourke now, and the “Outback Show” has started it’s season again in Bourke. It runs for an hour every day at 11 AM ‘cept Mondays, so catch up with that, then head down river to Louth for their Field Day on the 9th. June, and on to Wilcannia for our big “Field and Fun Day on the 10th. (Sunday of the long weekend).

That will get you all through for some good planning, and hope to see you somewhere in the travels.

Pooncarie Gun Club Shoot, Menindee Markets and more

Good morning all,

I’m getting better it’s still morning! Sorry I’ve been a bit slack, have been away doing all sorts of things.

Still can’t talk about wet roads unfortunately, and there’s none between here and the east coast or Victoria.

Ran into 2 lovely couples on Saturday night at the Denman RSL. Great little friendly town, they said they have the “Upper Hunter Wine and Food Fair” on in Denman on Saturday 5th. May. So if you’re in that area guarantee Paul and Merry will look after you all.

Now of course Anzac Day Wednesday, you are all welcome in any of our little outback towns, by all means come along.

Then next weekend, the 27/28th. is the Pooncarie Gun Club Shoot, a big event for that little town, crack a clay or two. If you only get as far as Menindee, then the Menindee Markets are on Saturday the 28th 

Which takes us to the next weekend, And Agfair is the way to go in Broken Hill on the 4/5th. May . You’ll never get through it all in 2 days, great show.

If you’re not near Broken Hill, then head to Cobar on those same days, 4/5th. for the Cobar Show, known for it’s horse events.

Fort Courage Fishing Comp, White Cliffs Gymkhana and more ...

Hello all,

Yes, I realise I’m a day late, I think I was a 10 month baby and still catching up!

Hope you all had a great Easter, we did and it’s just as dry down at Bendigo as anywhere. It seems all festivities went off well, and now the busy season is in full swing.

May be a bit brief tonight, based in Albion Park, green grass, cars everywhere! You know how it is.

For the elderly people of the far west, Chris and I had lunch yesterday with an old Wilcannia resident in Ross McKay, together with his 2 daughters, Gail and Tracy. Was so good to catch up with him. He still talks of flying 1030 hrs. in a 4 month period during the ’51 floods.

Now, briefly the next events are, Fort Courage Fishing Comp. at Wentworth on the 14th. and then the White Cliffs Gymkhana weekend on the 21/22nd.

Of course we then have Anzac Day, and as I said you are very welcome in any of our outback towns to join in our service and friendship.

The Menindee Markets are the 28th. and the Pooncarie Gun Club is having a 2 day shoot on the 27/28th.