Fort Courage Fishing Comp, White Cliffs Gymkhana and more ...

Hello all,

Yes, I realise I’m a day late, I think I was a 10 month baby and still catching up!

Hope you all had a great Easter, we did and it’s just as dry down at Bendigo as anywhere. It seems all festivities went off well, and now the busy season is in full swing.

May be a bit brief tonight, based in Albion Park, green grass, cars everywhere! You know how it is.

For the elderly people of the far west, Chris and I had lunch yesterday with an old Wilcannia resident in Ross McKay, together with his 2 daughters, Gail and Tracy. Was so good to catch up with him. He still talks of flying 1030 hrs. in a 4 month period during the ’51 floods.

Now, briefly the next events are, Fort Courage Fishing Comp. at Wentworth on the 14th. and then the White Cliffs Gymkhana weekend on the 21/22nd.

Of course we then have Anzac Day, and as I said you are very welcome in any of our outback towns to join in our service and friendship.

The Menindee Markets are the 28th. and the Pooncarie Gun Club is having a 2 day shoot on the 27/28th.

May sees the big Broken Hill Agfair on the 4/5th. May and our very own Wilcannia Field and Fun Day is the 10th. of the long weekend in June. A poster of which I will get out to you all to put up if you will.

My apologies for any event I’ve missed, as my “scribble pad” is still at home!

Happy travelling till next time, all the best, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“Encourage your kids to appreciate good cars, they will never be able to afford drugs then”.