November 2017

Perfect Light Festival, Broken Hill Rock Fest, and more

Hello everyone,

This will be my last bit of triviality for the year, which is almost gone once again. So make room for Santa, and if you’re still travelling round our great outback then there’s a few good Christmas parties you can drop in on and be most welcomed.

You can’t possibly make them all, but the Perfect Light Festival is on in Broken Hill from the 1st. to 3rd.  The White Cliffs Christmas Party is happening on the 2nd.  and the Hay Can Car Rally is passing through that very same town of White Cliffs on the 3rd.

You’ll have to choose between that and the Cobar Christmas Festivities, which are also on the 3rd.

To fill in up to Santa for you, the Menindee Carols by Candlelight is taking place in the little river town on the 8th. Duck over then to Ivanhoe for the big Raffles night at the RSL Club, and whilst in the little town, check out your favourite sport on Foxtel at the Pub.

You’ll  just have to be in Broken Hill for the Rock Fest which is raging on the 16th, and the best way to do that is up the Cobb Highway, (in perfect condition at the moment), drop in to our little town here and have a meal and coffee with Julie at Miss Barrett’s or Steve down at the Courthouse Cafe. No need to rush then ‘cause you’re on bitumen!

I now need to thank all you great people who have supported me through the year, sent me your goings on, promoted our little town for us, but most of all the little emails of encouragement that mean so much.

Calendars available, Perfect Light Film Festival, Monster Christmas Fair

Pictures of the Outback Calendar 2018

Good morning all,

Got my hands on some RFDS Calendars on Friday, thanks to Sam at the Cobar Visitors Centre. Really nice job and credit there to Ruth Sandow. And credit again to Ruth and her helpers for the naming of the RFDS King Air in honour of Fred McKay during the week. A very fitting gesture. I think if you duck into the RFDS Base in the Hill you may be able to pick up a very well put together calendar with some really great photos.

A few repeats from last week, fun at the Broken Hill Muso’s Club on the 26th. if you’re about.  Broken Hill again with the Perfect Light Film Festival from the 1st. to the 3rd. Dec. And then the big Rock Festival on the 16th. It’s all happening in the Hill. If you’re unsure, drop into the ABC Studios and Andrew will guide you through the lot, I guarantee.

Now there’s Carols by Candlelight happening in Cobar on the 3rd. and the same thing taking place in Menindee on the 8th. And if you’re around Menindee next Saturday, you’ll have a ball at their Monster Christmas Fair.

Bourke Wharf Markets, The Perfect Light Film Festival, and more

Good morning all,

What a fantastic day at Tilpa on Saturday! A great effort by all concerned, the locals up there certainly can make you feel welcome. And horses and riders from hell, west and crooked.

Good little gathering here for Remembrance Day on Saturday, and a thanks to all who came along.

Now, Bourke has the action first with their Wharf Markets on the 18th. if you happen to be up that way. Then back at Broken Hill, I can only list the events for you:

The Picnic train at Penrose Park is happening on the 19th. Then if you can make it to the Muso’s, they are putting on the “Transport of Delight” on the 26th.

The Perfect Light Film Festival then follows in the Hill on the 3rd. Dec.  Then Carols by Candlelight on the 10th. Followed by the Rock Fest on the 16th. All happening in Broken Hill.

Moving on to Cobar, we have the Christmas Parade and Shopping Night coming up next Thursday, with the Town Christmas Party at “the Golfie” on the 25th. Then not far on is “Carols by Candlelight” again in Cobar on 3rd. Dec. You could nearly spend that time at “the Newie” and poke along to the lot.

Down in Ivanhoe meanwhile, the RSL Club has a Christmas Market Day on the 25th. (Nov. Of course, not Dec.!), and you can now catch all your favourite sports at “The Pub” on Foxtel. And at nearby Menindee, those folks are having their big Christmas Fair on the 25th. Fun for all.

Tilpa Rememberence Day, Melbourne Cup, and more

Good morning everyone,

There’s really only 2 days that count this week, Melbourne Cup day on Tuesday. It’s happening everywhere for Cup day. And all roads lead to Tilpa for a fun day on Saturday.

Now, on Tuesday you can choose between:

A luncheon at the Port ‘O Bourke with all the trimmings. You can have a luncheon and again the trimmings at our Wilcannia Golf Club. You can enjoy yourselves at Maidens Hotel in Menindee with everything laid on. Why not visit the Ivanhoe Pub for lunch etc. and you’ll support the Leukaemia Foundation.  And look, wherever you are there’s bound to be a bit of fun in waging a bet or two. Can’t give you a tip though!

Moving on to Saturday, Remembrance Day. The big Happening is in Tilpa. After the 11 o’clock service, the gang up there has organised “The Pink Lady Hopes and Dreams” barrel races, with the feature event being the over “40’s”. How good will that be! It’s all in aid of a very worthy cause, we’re going, see you there. If you can’t make Tilpa then drop into Ivanhoe, Remembrance Ceremony and then they will treat you to Paul Costa at the RSL Club, there’s a meal available as well, all you have to do is appear!

Moving through the month, we have the Menindee Christmas Fair, it’s on the 25th. and will have everything there bar the kitchen sink!