Tilpa Rememberence Day, Melbourne Cup, and more

Good morning everyone,

There’s really only 2 days that count this week, Melbourne Cup day on Tuesday. It’s happening everywhere for Cup day. And all roads lead to Tilpa for a fun day on Saturday.

Now, on Tuesday you can choose between:

A luncheon at the Port ‘O Bourke with all the trimmings. You can have a luncheon and again the trimmings at our Wilcannia Golf Club. You can enjoy yourselves at Maidens Hotel in Menindee with everything laid on. Why not visit the Ivanhoe Pub for lunch etc. and you’ll support the Leukaemia Foundation.  And look, wherever you are there’s bound to be a bit of fun in waging a bet or two. Can’t give you a tip though!

Moving on to Saturday, Remembrance Day. The big Happening is in Tilpa. After the 11 o’clock service, the gang up there has organised “The Pink Lady Hopes and Dreams” barrel races, with the feature event being the over “40’s”. How good will that be! It’s all in aid of a very worthy cause, we’re going, see you there. If you can’t make Tilpa then drop into Ivanhoe, Remembrance Ceremony and then they will treat you to Paul Costa at the RSL Club, there’s a meal available as well, all you have to do is appear!

Moving through the month, we have the Menindee Christmas Fair, it’s on the 25th. and will have everything there bar the kitchen sink!

Now I have to slip in here that there’s heaps of exhibitions starting on the 11th. at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery. I think most of them are free, so take time to wander through and you’ll really enjoy the time spent.

Remember the calendars I spoke about last week on the outback? Well it was not only the Cobar Museum doing the good work there, Sam had a helping hand from our wonderful Ruth Sandow up in that Corner Country. Between them the calendars are well worth getting hold of, and Sam could you catch a “carrier pigeon” and tie 20 to it and we’ll sell them for you.

Lastly today, I can brag that we now have the Courthouse Cafe back open again here in Wilcannia under the leadership of Steve. So no waiting for coffee or meals in Wilcannia now with both Steve and Julie at Miss Barrett’s. Speaking of ourselves, (Wilcannia), could all you good Farmstay people and towns get a handful of your brochures to us please so we can promote you all. Supplies are really low and if you need a hand full of ours, just walk across the keyboard!

Have a great day on Tuesday, hope you pick the winner, I won’t!  We’ll chat again next week.  Cheers,  Bill Elliott  WCTA.


“If you want something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done.”