Bourke Wharf Markets, The Perfect Light Film Festival, and more

Good morning all,

What a fantastic day at Tilpa on Saturday! A great effort by all concerned, the locals up there certainly can make you feel welcome. And horses and riders from hell, west and crooked.

Good little gathering here for Remembrance Day on Saturday, and a thanks to all who came along.

Now, Bourke has the action first with their Wharf Markets on the 18th. if you happen to be up that way. Then back at Broken Hill, I can only list the events for you:

The Picnic train at Penrose Park is happening on the 19th. Then if you can make it to the Muso’s, they are putting on the “Transport of Delight” on the 26th.

The Perfect Light Film Festival then follows in the Hill on the 3rd. Dec.  Then Carols by Candlelight on the 10th. Followed by the Rock Fest on the 16th. All happening in Broken Hill.

Moving on to Cobar, we have the Christmas Parade and Shopping Night coming up next Thursday, with the Town Christmas Party at “the Golfie” on the 25th. Then not far on is “Carols by Candlelight” again in Cobar on 3rd. Dec. You could nearly spend that time at “the Newie” and poke along to the lot.

Down in Ivanhoe meanwhile, the RSL Club has a Christmas Market Day on the 25th. (Nov. Of course, not Dec.!), and you can now catch all your favourite sports at “The Pub” on Foxtel. And at nearby Menindee, those folks are having their big Christmas Fair on the 25th. Fun for all.

Not commenting on the weather, but make sure your air con. Is cleaned out. Give it a test run. To all you wonderful people who have travelled through our great outback this season and heading home. Thanks so much from us all out here, please come again next year. Had a couple call on us on Friday from Newcastle on their way home, they have  carried a Wilcannia stubby holder all around Australia for the last 10 months! It was buggered, so I gave them a replacement! How good is that??

You’ll only have to put up with me for a couple more “epistles”, and Santa will take over!  Till we meet again, Cheers   Bill Elliott. WCTA.


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