Historical attractions, heritage buildings

There are many businesses and government services in Wilcannia that are located in historical buildings.

Some are not so obvious -- such as the Wilcannia Golf Club which today partly comprises the original Resche's Brewery, the first beer brewery the Resche brothers built in Australia.

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Picnics and parks

There are many beautiful picnic areas along the Darling River, in and around Wilcannia

Included in the gallery below are some photos taken in Reconciliation Park (opposite Wilcannia Hospital, in Ross Street)

Details and photos of other parks will be posted soon.

Wilcannia - historical facts and figures

Wilcannia was first settled by Europeans following the exploration of the Darling by Major Thomas Mitchell. The rest stop on the Barrier Highway on the Cobar side of town, commemorates one of his survey points.

The original settlers were pastoralists who took up “runs” that were millions of acres in size. Wilcannia is in the area that is the homeland of the Barkindji people. “Barka” being their word for river.

The Barkindji was a group of tribes that ran the length of the Darling River from Bourke to Wentworth.

A shepherds hut and a woolshed, which were part of the Mt. Murchison run stood where Wilcannia now is.

Wilcannia Golf Club


Ross Street
Wilcannia NSW 2836


Mon. 12 noon - 9 pm

Tues. 12 noon - 9 pm

Wed. 12 noon - 10 pm

Thurs. 12 noon - 10 pm

Friday. 11 am - 10pm

Saturday 11 am - 10 pm

Sun. 12 noon - 7 pm

Wilcannia Golf Club now open 7 days for full services and facilities, and take away. Courtesy bus for taking home only. “Covid Restrictions” apply.

Please note:

Each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday no full strength beer, spirits or wine is to be sold before 11am or after 6pm for consumption off the premises.

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