March 2018

Lots on -- Packsaddle Gymkhana, Eldee Station 4WD Rally, Bourke activities, and more

Hello all,

What a difference a few days makes. Some roads closed with rain, others still dust! That’s the outback for you.

Do hope the cricket match on our river bed went well at Tilpa yesterday. Still can’t work out how you hit a six, I’m sure Justin did! Well done gang. AND heard it on “Macca” this morning.

Really sorry but this is a repeat of last week really.

You see there’s a heap going on next weekend, (Easter of course). We have:

Packsaddle Gymkhana and Bikekhana,

Rally for the Darling River in Wilcannia, really good coffee too and have a look round at the same time.

Eldee Station 4WD Rally obviously at Eldee Station.

More activities than you can ‘poke a stick at’ in Bourke, including a wopper of a race meeting. They tell me ‘Paddies races’ went like clockwork last weekend.

Wentworth Rowing Club Regatta in Wentworth, And the Australian Mounted Games Association as well there. And would you believe  a Garage Sale in that same town on “April Fool’s Day’. I’d be really careful what you bid for there! ‘specially if it’s wrapped’! (just kidding)

Broken Hill Art Gallery has an exhibition running from the 23rd. (it’s started!) to the 14th April, drop in you’re welcome. And speaking of Broken Hill, there’s a heap of great tours going on with “Out of the Ordinary Outback”. Drop in and see them in Argent St. Jenene will do the rest for you. Attached (I hope) is their programme.

Wind blown roads, lots happening - Bourke, Packsaddle, Eldee Station

Hello everyone,

I feel today is going to be a repeat of last week. ‘cept the roads are a bit worse!

I was on the Wanaaring road today, which has prompted me to advise you all, please be very careful on dirt roads, everywhere. There are an enormous number of stock transports moving around.

Dirt roads are becoming wind blown, and exposing stones and ruts. It can be particularly dangerous for caravans. In fact, the Cobb highway I believe is not at all suitable for caravans. So please be very cautious, seek advice in each town and take care. Dust is hazard, as are ‘roos, and stock.

Easter weekend is our next big happening. Remember the events I mentioned last week. Big activities at Bourke, Packsaddle, Eldee Station, Wentworth/Mildura, Wilcannia and others.

After that we have the Cobar Rodeo, on the 7th. April. Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery for the art enthusiasts opening on the 23rd. through to the 14th. April.

Then the White Cliffs Gymkhana, me thinks is the 21st./22nd. April. Anzac Day in all towns of course, you’re welcome at any of our towns.

Following on we have The Wagga Gold Cup for the racing enthusiasts on 3rd. 4th. May. Agfair Field Day in Broken Hill on the 4/5th. May. Louth Field Day on the 9th. June and our very own Wilcannia Field and Fun Day on the 10th. June.

Of course the biggest cause for celebration!!! Daylight saving ENDS on Easter Sunday, yes!

St. Patrick’s Race Meeting, Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, ARB “Eldee” 4WD, and more

Hello all,

Things are happening thick and fast, which is really good. And unfortunately no rain in sight to hinder travellers.

First and foremost is the big gala weekend in Broken Hill. We have the annual St. Patrick’s Race Meeting next Saturday, fabulous day, and a Recovery day out with Peter and Patsy at Silverton on Sunday. You can’t get better.

Now, if you can’t be in Broken Hill, then maybe you are near Mildura/Wentworth. The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens are having a great afternoon next Sunday, Tickets at Mildura V.I.C. or call the girls at the Wentworth V.I.C.

Then we move onto Easter: Have attached the Bourke programme, I’d get “writers cramp” if I told you it all!. Thanks Margaret.

We also have, Mildura and Wentworth Rowing Club Regatta over Easter.

Australian Mounted Games Association are meeting in Wentworth, again over Easter.

Packsaddle Gymkhana and Bikekhana, is one hell of a weekend, over Easter!

Junk Easter Garage Sale, where? Wentworth! When, April Fools Day! No, fair dinkum it is on.

The ARB “Eldee” 4WD. Adventure near Broken Hill, again, over Easter.

Hay Ag. And Pastoral Expo, Fort courage Fishing Comp, St Patrick’s Races, and more

Hello everyone,

Few things starting to happen with March upon us, and Easter creeping up as well. Remember how I used to warn you all of going on dirt roads in the wet! Not likely is it?

Bit on next weekend, we have the “Hay Ag. And Pastoral Expo” next Friday and Saturday, with dinner and auction on the Saturday night.

Also on next Saturday is the “Fort courage Fishing Comp” at Wentworth, prizes to be won, always something happening in Wentworth. And, in Broken Hill there’s the Community Markets Saturday..

After that we have a “flagship event” in the Silver City with the St Patrick’s Races on the next weekend, the 17th. That’s a full weekend that you’ll need a week to get over!

We seem to skip then through to Easter. You’ll have to be in about 3 places at once over Easter. See there’s the “Packsaddle Gymkhana and Bikekhana” on the 31st. and 1st. Always a big event at Packsaddle. Then you could be at Eldee Stn. for the “Eldee ARB 4WD Adventure, if you’re into 4Wheel driving. But wait! There’s more, you can be part of a rally to save the Darling in Wilcannia on the Easter weekend as well, flyer attached.

If you are confused about all those happenings then just head to Bourke for Easter. They have more going on up there than you can poke a stick at. Including a Race meeting.

For a pre-Easter wander, why not toodle along to the Menindee Church Fete, 28th. it’s on.