Lots on -- Packsaddle Gymkhana, Eldee Station 4WD Rally, Bourke activities, and more

Hello all,

What a difference a few days makes. Some roads closed with rain, others still dust! That’s the outback for you.

Do hope the cricket match on our river bed went well at Tilpa yesterday. Still can’t work out how you hit a six, I’m sure Justin did! Well done gang. AND heard it on “Macca” this morning.

Really sorry but this is a repeat of last week really.

You see there’s a heap going on next weekend, (Easter of course). We have:

Packsaddle Gymkhana and Bikekhana,

Rally for the Darling River in Wilcannia, really good coffee too and have a look round at the same time.

Eldee Station 4WD Rally obviously at Eldee Station.

More activities than you can ‘poke a stick at’ in Bourke, including a wopper of a race meeting. They tell me ‘Paddies races’ went like clockwork last weekend.

Wentworth Rowing Club Regatta in Wentworth, And the Australian Mounted Games Association as well there. And would you believe  a Garage Sale in that same town on “April Fool’s Day’. I’d be really careful what you bid for there! ‘specially if it’s wrapped’! (just kidding)

Broken Hill Art Gallery has an exhibition running from the 23rd. (it’s started!) to the 14th April, drop in you’re welcome. And speaking of Broken Hill, there’s a heap of great tours going on with “Out of the Ordinary Outback”. Drop in and see them in Argent St. Jenene will do the rest for you. Attached (I hope) is their programme.

Haven’t mentioned the RFDS Base in the Hill for a while have I? It’s really a must to see while you’re in town. Just call to the Visitors Centre and Patrick and helpers will point you in the right direction.

Now the Cobar Rodeo is on the 7th. April don’t forget, and the latter part of April and May I’ll cover next “bulletin”. By the way that will be in 2 weeks time. No “ditty” next week, we’re going down “south of the border” for a wee break.

So till then you all have a great Easter, drive carefully, if you can handle ‘total’ relaxation, then drop in to a ‘Farm Stay’, bush hospitality, total tranquillity, friendliness you won’t forget.

All the best now, Bill Elliott.   WCTA.


“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles, it may be the only sunshine he gets all day”.