July 2018

Miss Barretts closed 1 week, Scone circus, Sunraysia Safari Rally ...

Good morning all,

Don’t think I’ve ever advertised a Circus before, but there you go, Websters Circus on in Scone Thursday through to Sunday this week. When did you see a Circus last?

Head back into the outback then and pick up the Nyngan Ag. Expo next Saturday, a really big day at Nyngan for all.

Meanwhile way over the other side of the state, we have the “Sunraysia Safari Rally” happening at Wentworth from the 7th. to the 11th. and very popular.

Also of course on the 11th. is the Annual Louth Races. Thousands of people end up there and have a ball.

Back to Wentworth  on the 18th. and the Race Club there is holding a “Vegas Night”, if you are anywhere near. If you are there then you should stay on and go to the Wentworth Show, it’s on the 25th./ 26th. and is one of the best.

When you settle down after that, wander up the Darling and take a look at the Menindee fishing Competition on the 2nd. Sept.

Nyngan Railway Museum, Nyngan Ag. Expo, Louth Races ...

Good morning all,

Another quick trip away last week and good to catch up with some of you good people.

Had a quick look through the Railway Museum in Nyngan, what a great job the volunteers have done there, really worth a look if you’re in their town.

Few little bits and pieces for you this week. As I said Pooncarie Gun Shoot on next Saturday, and also next Saturday, (you won’t make both!) is the Wharf Markets at Bourke and then you can go along to “Flicks in the Sticks” that evening at 6-30 in the same great town. 

The next weekend, the 4th. is the Nyngan Ag. Expo, that really will be a great day for all including you caravaners. 

If you stick around the area, you can have a ball at the Louth Races on the 11th. But allow a few days up at Louth to take it all in.

Pooncarie Gun Shoot, Nyngan Ag. Expo and much more

Good morning all,

Yes back again, and thanks so much for the enquiries from Balranald and Brewarrina, brochures on the way girls.

Have done a fair amount of travelling since last we met and sadly nothing but dry barren ground. Still, hope you are all having a fantastic trip wherever you are heading.

A few events that may interest you in your travels. Next Friday in Broken Hill you can drop off your lady at the Library, she’ll have a wow of a morning at the “Knit and Yarn”, and get a cup of coffee! 

Of course you may as well sit back at the “Demo or the Muso’s” and fill in the morning.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s heaps going on in Bourke this time of the year. Drop in and see Margaret at the “Back O Bourke” she’ll sort you out.

Then if you can arrange your trip to be at Pooncarie on the 28th, you can have a great day at the Annual Gun Shoot there. It makes no difference if you can’t use a shoot gun, just go along and those people will make you welcome.

That takes us up to the Nyngan Ag. Expo on the 4th. August. Caught up with my dear friend Glad at the Nyngan Railway Museum the other day, she has a book on sale there showing the history of the railways in Nyngan over many years. If you are into Nyngan area history it’s a great book.

Moving on from there, if you are into sport, I can guarantee an enjoyable day in Broken Hill on the 12th. August. It’s the grand final of the newly formed Women’s Rugby League Comp. Clean open football, they just love their game. A pleasure to watch.

Duck Creek picnic Races, Fort Courage Fishing Comp, and more

Good morning all,

Things are starting to happen all round the outback. And unfortunately for the stock, fine weather is the outlook.

Next Saturday, if you’re around the Nyngan area, there’s the Duck Creek picnic Races, big annual event. But then if you are out further, then be sure to make White Cliffs for their Annual Underground Art Festival, that’s next Friday to Sunday. You better stick round that area then because the Milparinka Gymkhana is happening the next weekend, the 14th. only one day but great people and events.

Of course if you’re that far up into our back country, why not go on to Cameron’s Corner, have a yarn to Fen and relax in any one of 3 states!

The other fun you can have on that weekend, (14/15th) is the Fort Courage Fishing Comp. at Wentworth on the Saturday, Celtic Music in the Wentworth Hall Saturday arvo, (something for the wife!), 2 course meal that night, and “Reel it in “ fishing Comp. on the Sunday. If there’s any fish left in the river!

Would you believe, if you can’t get to any of those, then toodle along to Broken Hill for the Community Markets 14th. and Penrose Park Picnic Train on the 15th.

Meanwhile, up at Bourke, Hully kicks off his “Poetry on a Plate” this week and goes on till the cows come home.