October 2017

Calendar, races, rain and more

Good morning all,

Certainly more happening than I realised, and thanks so much to you all for sending events in.

Weather wise it's definitely unpredictable. We had an enormous storm here on Saturday, complete with everything! But of course narrow. I believe nothing in Broken Hill so a great day should have taken place for the races.

Caution on the dirt roads, Annual Silver City Races, and more

Good morning all,

Had an email from Marg in Bourke during the week, things are winding down up there, and it seems the case in most areas. It’s that time of the year isn’t it. Got to start thinking about what Santa is going to bring us. Yes life goes on, a woman said to me she was approaching 40. I couldn’t help wondering, from which direction!

Who said there was no rain coming? Very scattered but great for those under it. Caution on the dirt roads as usual. They tell me there is more on the horizon.

All roads lead to Broken Hill next weekend. The Annual Silver City Races next Saturday, make a weekend out of it.

We then have 2 lovely ladies down at Wentworth, celebrating their 110th. and 120th. birthdays!  The Paddle steamers Ruby and Marion! Great weekend down at Wentworth  on the 3/4/5th. Heaps going on to keep you entertained.

If you’re going to stick around the Hill, then the Broken Hill Markets are on the 29th. Day after the races. Alain Louvel, French chef and wine expert will be there, he’ll give you a laugh.

I am running out of events, being this time of the year. So if any of you good people have something coming up before Christmas, please let me know so I can spread the word. Otherwise I may be wise to retire myself till the new season is upon us.

check for road closures, Silver City Races and more

Good morning all,

We actually had a few dirt roads closed through the week, an odd storm here and there. Who knows it could happen again this week, so if you see an odd storm cloud or two, hasten with caution.

Hope some of you took in some of the goings on last week, there were interesting things happening hell west and crooked.

Actually the Broken Hill Art Gallery is still buzzing with exhibitions showing right up to next month. If you can make it to Broken Hill, then it’s almost a must you head down the Wentworth road next Friday and take in the “Nanua Picnic Races”, about 40 km. down, not far, and those good people will entertain you for Friday and Saturday, (Friday night music too).

If you’re at all a racing fan, I suggest you make your way back to “the Hill” then, check the city out for a few days, trip out to Peter and Patsy at the Silverton Pub is absolutely compulsory, and then line up for the Silver City Races the following Saturday, 28th. Big day in Broken Hill, and you’ll probably end up back at Silverton next day anyway!

Not in that neck of the woods, then what about all that’s happening in Wagga in October. Still to come down there is “the Cork and Fork” weekend, (the name speaks for itself) and the Octoberfest at the Thirsty Crow.

Moving into November, we have celebrations in Wentworth on the 3rd. to 5th. celebrating the Paddle steamers Ruby and Marion. This is a big event and I feel you should book if you want to be part of the fun. Otherwise, if you are still wandering round “the Hill’ then the Demo Club have Legions of Rock and Roll happening on the 3rd. Nov. As well.

Broken Hill Art Gallery Exhibition, Cobar Family Muster and Gymkhana and more

Good morning all,

Great to catch up with the Tri-State girls on Friday, doing a great job. Speaking of doing a great job, we were lucky enough to attend the first Wedding Ceremony and reception (our son Jeff and his wife Kathryn!) at “Warrawong On The Darling” on Saturday. The whole afternoon and evening was an absolute credit to Scott Smith and his most capable staff. Ceremony on the river, Photos on a “beach side” on the Lagoon on dusk, and fabulous catering and music on the lawns of Warrawong. A new ideal spot for weddings in the future.

Now back to business, a bit happening this week.

Broken Hill Art Gallery has an Exhibition that has just started and is running through to the 19th. Nov. Don’t leave it too late though there’s a lot to see. Also in “The Hill” this week is Karaoke at the Palace Hotel on Wednesday night, really nice friendly venue. “Knit and Yarn” at the Library on Friday, Community Markets on Saturday, and The Picnic Train at Penrose Park on Sunday. Heaps to do in Broken Hill this week and if in doubt, call on Patrick and his staff at the Visitors Centre.

If you’re down Nyngan way, then they are having “Light the Night” on Friday night in aid of the Leukaemia Foundation, what a great cause. Duck back to Cobar then if you like as they have the “Cobar Family Muster and Gymkhana” on the next day Saturday.

“50 year Celebrations” at Kinchega National Park

Good morning all,

Yes, I have returned and I think I have missed a lot of major events in my absence.

Unfortunately from here to Gilgandra to Newcastle to Canberra  to Forbes, there is absolutely no feed and very little water. A grim outlook going into summer as seen by an old “cocky”, and I’m sure many of you will relate to the situation.

I may miss an odd coming event tonight, so please walk across the keyboard and let’s know what’s doing in your area.

In our area, the big event is the “50 year Celebrations” at Kinchega National Park, Menindee this coming Sunday 8th. Call to the National Parks Office in The Hill for all the details. Should be a great day.

The following Saturday 14th. we have both the Community Markets in Broken Hill and the Cobar Family Muster and Gymkhana in Cobar. Various events around Cobar that day and plenty to fill your day in.