The Mount Gipps Hotel, Pot Luck Dinner, Broken Heel Festival, and more

Good morning to you all,

Chris and I had the pleasure of being invited to the opening of Scott Smith’s latest venture, The Mount Gipps Hotel. What a fantastic job they have all done, and a credit to Scott, and his staff on the night. Caravan sites, Ablution block you won’t find anywhere else, Cabins and a really nice bar area, and so it goes on. Was last at the bar at Mt. Gipps 55 years ago, so I guess time I returned!

Now please bear with me today, a lot to tell you.

Pot Luck Dinner at White Cliffs on Wednesday for the drought appeal if you’re about.

Back down to Menindee to see some fabulous football from the Outback Junior Rugby League, see some great kids play next Saturday the 8th.

Close by is the massive Broken Heel Festival spread over next weekend the 7/8/9th. You’ll be worn out after that so go out to Silverton and have a beer with Peter and Patsy, then go into the Visitor’s Centre in the Hill and Patrick will guide you from there.

After that, if you are down in “the inside country”, why not go along to the Merriwa Springtime Show, weekend of the14/15/16th. then stick around down in that country for the Denman Blue Heelers Film Festival on the 22nd. It’s only a stones throw from Merriwa.

If you’re not in that neck of the woods, then head for Ivanhoe. Big Camp Out night there. Music, BBQ, and all that for the drought appeal. That’s on Saturday the 22nd.

Activity the next weekend is right down at Pooncarie. They have their Annual Race Meeting on the 29th. Really big day there including bush hospitality.

While it’s on, there’s a Country Music Spectacular on at the Wentworth Wharf from the 28th. to the 7th.Oct. You can take ‘em both in.

This is a bit of a problem, ‘cause if you are a “Ute” phonetic, you’ll have to be at Deniliquin on the 28/29/30th.for the 20th. “Deni Ute Muster”. There’s millions of them! Of course if you’d rather horses than “utes”, then head to the Tibooburra Rodeo and Gymkhana, real bush hospitality, on the 28th.

We’re into October now, and coming up on the 20th. is action at White Cliffs. Mechanical Bull Rides, and a Graham Conner’s Concert. All on the one weekend.

Just go and see the girls at the other town’s Info centres, when you’re passing. Don’t forget as of the 1st. Sept. (gone!), 40 kmh when passing emergency vehicles, look out for them.

Also be very careful driving in dust storms, can be dangerous. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Well folks, we’re heading off on “wings of giant silver bird” for a while. So all the best to you all  and thanks so much for the help and support I’ve received. As the saying goes “see you when I’m lookin’ at you”.

You al take care now, cheers, Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“If you don’t like where you are---MOVE.--- you’re not a tree.”

“One day you’ll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.”