May 2022

Agfair, Cobar Races, and more

Good morning all,

Well it seems the Shows and Gymkhanas are drawing to a close, but we still have a heap in front of us to keep you all occupied.

First cab off the rank is the famous Agfair resurrected again in Broken Hill starting next Friday and taking in Saturday as well. A double header in The Hill too as the Art Gallery is opening on Friday as well. All refurbished and ready for your visit.

If you are a racing fan then the Cobar Races are also on next Saturday! Decisions, decisions! But guess what? The Military Museum in Wentworth has a gala day too next Friday, honestly, where to next?

If you end up in Broken Hill, don’t forget to duck out and say hi to Peter and Patsy at the Silverton Hotel. They are probably too tired to talk but say hi. Also slip out to The Resort at Mt. Gipps, hospitality plus there.

Had a couple of groups rowing down the Darling recently. They are ‘over the moon’ with the journey. And speaking of the Darling River, now is the time to do the “Darling Run”. You see, there are really great Farm Stays and towns waiting to greet you. Let’s start at Bourke. You have Cathy’s Pub at Louth, Liz to look after you at Trilby Station. Kim has heaps for you to see at Dunlop Station, (on Landline yesterday). Down to Tilpa and there’s Kallara Station, Justin and Julie are open for business and no end to see. On down to our little town here at Wilcannia, we can offer you a choice of 2 motels, 2 caravan parks, and all the trimmings. Your next stop is with Greg and Lilly at Neila Gaari Station half way to Menindee, it’s an overnight must. Poke on down to Menindee and when you’ve seen all that, next stop is Barbara at Bindara Station. There’s no end to it is there, on to Pooncarie and there’s a couple of weeks gone before you know it.

Check roads, Brewarrina Races, and more

Good morning all,

Hope you all enjoyed all the activities over the last 2 weeks, a lot was happening.

Can I suggest to you all that you ensure you are on bitumen by tomorrow night. Big rain coming in our area so no dirt roads.

Now next weekend, the 14th. you can either go to the Brewarrina Races or the Bourke Show. Either one you’ll enjoy yourself.

If you are down south then take in the Pooncarie Gymkhana and Bikes, a 2 day event on the 14th. and 15th. as well.

Next on the list is the Cobar Show, a 2 day event on the 20th/ 21st., closely followed by the Nyngan Show on the 22nd./ 23rd. It’s all happening in that neck of the woods.

Don’t know how you are going to fit it all in as the opening of the Broken Hill Art Gallery is taking place on the 27th. A lot to see there, and our first “Agfair” in Broken Hill since ‘god had the measles’ it seems is on the 27th. and 28th. 2 big days there.

If you’re not in that area then think about a tour of the Military Museum in Wentworth on the 27th. or the Cobar Races on the 28th.May.

You’ll be sick of reading this if I don’t stop! But hey, don’t forget our great radio stations to amuse you while travelling. ABC Broken Hill 999, ABC Wilcannia 1584, ABC Dubbo 657,Outback radio 2WEB Bourke 585, River Radio Wilcannia FM 103.1, and 2Dry FM Broken Hill 107.7. All there to make your trip a pleasure.