October 2022

Check roads, recent weather news

Good morning all,

Very brief this morning as we are away from home at the moment.

The main item is please be careful on our roads, check on the Central Darling Shire website, (on our Tourism website) and be guided by the Shire Road report there. Rest assured all dirt roads are closed.

However, be assured that a “moderate flood warning” for Wilcannia, as on the Beaureu of Methodology website does NOT cut the Barrier highway in Wilcannia.

No flood in Wilcannia, refer Central Darling Shire road reports

Good morning all,

Travelling in the outback is a totally different ball game lately with all the rain.

Which brings me to let you all know, I have many phone calls asking if the road through Wilcannia is cut by floods.

There is no flood in Wilcannia, it is a high river, the Darling here in Wilcannia has not broken it’s banks as yet, the Barrier highway will not be cut in any case, the flood plain lakes have not started to fill yet.

Actually, flood warnings from BOM are very misleading for this area.