November 2022

Driving hazards, best display of flowers

Good morning everyone,

Plenty of sunshine, plenty of mozzies, and water edging up in our great Darling river. We can really count our blessings out here when we see what the people in the inside country are going through. And of course those along the Lachlan river and creeks as well. Our thoughts are with our neighbours up at Tilpa and Louth. I guess it’s natures way of saying, “don’t forget what has happened in the past” and will again.

Continuous storms, dirt roads out, Dareton Markets ...

Good morning all,

Well the continuous storms are making travelling difficult. And really putting out all the dirt roads.

My advice to you all, if you are travelling, please go into the Local Government (Shire) website that you are travelling in and check out their Road report, they are accurate.

Most of this area out here is the Central Darling Shire, read their Road Report on the website and it is up to date and accurate.