Driving hazards, best display of flowers

Good morning everyone,

Plenty of sunshine, plenty of mozzies, and water edging up in our great Darling river. We can really count our blessings out here when we see what the people in the inside country are going through. And of course those along the Lachlan river and creeks as well. Our thoughts are with our neighbours up at Tilpa and Louth. I guess it’s natures way of saying, “don’t forget what has happened in the past” and will again.

There’s really not a lot happening in our outback region at the moment, and of course our friends travelling have well and truly eased off, as is expected now.

I’d like to share with you all, a very enjoyable day we had today. Headed up to White Cliffs for lunch, as you do! (special occasion). Had lunch at “the pub”, met Matt and his staff. Matt and Sarah have recently taken over the task and are most welcoming, a really nice meal and great atmosphere. If you’re within a bulls roar of the Cliffs drop in and see them, but also do a tour with Rob Dyson, check out the varied attractions and you too will relax.

For those of you who are still travelling, which is fine, but please be aware of our road conditions. Pot holes are nobody’s fault but are a driving hazard at the moment. Drive that little bit slower, there are pot holes in almost all bitumen roads now, and please contact the Shire you are travelling through for the latest road report.

Some Shires such as Bourke on the Darling are updating reports hourly. The latest report on Central Darling Shire roads shows all unsealed roads closed, so please ring the relevant Shire or look on their website and be guided by their advice.

On a brighter note, if you’re travelling in our area you’ll see the best display of feed and flowers, the odd group of emu chicks, a heap of bird life everywhere, and contented, fat stock! Again I emphasise, the Barrier Highway through Wilcannia and beyond each way is open, is not in any way affected by flood water and will not be.

Well a bit boring this time I’m sorry, but we just have to wait and see what “mother nature” will throw at us next.

As always, take note of our radio stations for what’s going on and some great entertainment. Drop into our little town and say hi. Till next time, Cheers, Bill Elliott WCTA.


“Camping, where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person!”.