April 2023

Rain, Roads, Topar, Anzac Day and more

Good morning all,

13 to 15 mm. of rain seems about average around our outback over the weekend, very much appreciated, although a bit dampening for the Topar event on Saturday.

Roads will be a bit tricky too for a day or two.

Next big event on the calendar is the White Cliffs Gymkhana and Rodeo happening next weekend. Well worth going to if you are around the area.

Check roads, events in White Cliffs, local radio details

Good morning everyone,

A late start this year for various reasons, and how things have changed.

I will have to generalise this time and hope you can let me know what’s going on in your area in the months to come.

We here in Wilcannia have the launch of a Tourism App. In Baker Park tomorrow, and then of course Anzac Day as always with 2 services, breakfast and light lunch.

There will be services in the surrounding towns as well.

White Cliffs have their Gymkhana and Rodeo again on the 22-23rd. Big weekend up there.