Check roads, events in White Cliffs, local radio details

Good morning everyone,

A late start this year for various reasons, and how things have changed.

I will have to generalise this time and hope you can let me know what’s going on in your area in the months to come.

We here in Wilcannia have the launch of a Tourism App. In Baker Park tomorrow, and then of course Anzac Day as always with 2 services, breakfast and light lunch.

There will be services in the surrounding towns as well.

White Cliffs have their Gymkhana and Rodeo again on the 22-23rd. Big weekend up there.

There is almost a full week of activities at Bourke over Easter, something for everyone.

Now more than ever, make sure the dirt roads you are going to travel on are actually open for all vehicles. The Shire out here has multiple road maintenance plants working to repair damages but it’s a long journey.

Could I suggest when you are out in our back country, tune in to our local radio stations for not only what’s on, but road conditions etc. and great entertainment. You can find the ABC on 999 broken Hill, 1584 Wilcannia, and 657 Dubbo. Outback Radio Bourke on 585.

Broken Hill 2DryFM on 107.7 and River radio Wilcannia on 101.3 FM.

Lots of vans on the road even now, so please say hi to them when they’re in your town, and likewise travellers, please drop in to our little towns and let us show you around.

Enjoy your Easter wherever you stay and please let me know if I can circulate your coming event to our many travellers.


Catch you in a couple of weeks, till then take care. Cheers, Bill Elliott, Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


Had a couple stop me in the street yesterday.

“We need to get to Thargomindah mate, which way should we go”.

I said, “If I was heading to Thargomindah mate I definitely wouldn’t start from here”.