"Field and Fun Day” cancelled.

Good morning all,

Well there you go, it’s Tuesday and not Monday morning! Doesn’t time fly. Anyway, it will all finish up the same I guess.

Now firstly, I have to let you know that our local “Field and Fun Day” has had to be cancelled. It was decided at our meeting Friday night that all things considered we had no option.

Yes we’re disappointed too, and the Wilcannia Gift, Photo Competition, and a bit more will be achieved later in the year.

So, if you read this really quickly and are near Menindee, the Biggest Morning Tea is on there today. If you miss it don’t despair the Broken Hill Biggest Morning tea is on at the City Library on Wednesday.

Up at Bourke, the PV Jandra is still cruising up and down the river each day, and of course as I said last week, there’s heaps going on up in that neck of the woods. And don’t forget the Louth Field Day on the 9th. June, and to fill in the gap of the 10th. June you can go down to Ivanhoe and have a heap of fun at the Ivanhoe Pig Comp.

Will catch up again next week, sorry it’s so short but just a lull in activities around the outback.

See you around the street, on the road or drop in to one of our fabulous caravan parks, bye for now, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“Of all the things I’ve lost during my life, I miss my mind the most.”