Wilga Campground, Nyngan Ag. Expo and more

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Monday, July 22, 2019 - 6:17am

Good morning all,

What a great day in Tilpa on Saturday, kids on horses everywhere, parents catching up, and as at any such do, a little group keeping the ball rolling.

An unexpected fire on a near by property took the immediate attention of some expert hands in that field, and then all was back to normal!

Anyway, if you travel between Wilcannia and Tilpa be sure to go on the eastern side of the river, the road s just superb! If you’re not in a hurry, stop off at the Wilga Campground, right on the bend of the river, throw in a line or 2, stranger things have happened, beautiful spot.

Next on the “ places to be” list is the Wentworth Fishing Comp. It’s on next Saturday, but there’s heaps of other things on down in that neck of the woods. Call on the girls at the V. I. C. and they’ll take over for you. And as I said last week, if you don’t make Wentworth stop off at the Annual Gun Shoot at Pooncarie on the same day.

Now Tibooburra is having a “Butchering and Golf Day” on the 3rd. August. It sounds good and that crew up there know how to stage a show for you, so why not check it out.

You definitely can’t be at Tibooburra and Nyngan at the same time, so there’s a great day out at Nyngan on the 3rd. as well. They’re “Nyngan Ag. Expo”. Definitely heaps to see and do there.

Let’s move on then to the Louth Races, thousands of people flock up there for that event, and I mean thousands! That’s the next weekend, the 10th. Everything you could wish for is available, camping, fun, fishing, and the list goes on.

Once you get yourself mobile after that, there’s the Gem Festival the next week at White Cliffs, (17/18th.) and the Wentworth show, 24/25th.

So, no shortage in the far west and back country to find something to keep you occupied.

In our own little town of Wilcannia, we have the Golf Club restaurant opening again after big renovations, next Tuesday. Hey that’s tomorrow!! Call in and sample our new Chinese couple’s cooking. It will be great. And don’t forget to sample our 2 caravan Parks for a few days, make use of our caravan dumping point, and spend a little quiet time at the Wilcannia Motel and browse through the heaps of books De has for the swapping, taking or borrowing, it’s her “Pop up Bookshop” she’d love to have a chat with you.

No need to worry about fuel at anytime now, BP here in Wilcannia and Jo at Little Topar now have fuel available 24/7. Just insert your card! How good is that!!

OK, take it easy, no wet roads, next to no roos on the tracks, life’s never been so easy. Have fun and make a new friend this week. Cheers Bill Elliott. WCTA.


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