Denny Ute Muster, ‘Sew, Knit and Natter', and more

Good morning all,

Back to base and picking up the pieces so to speak. No getting away from the cold, but then if you enjoy snow I guess you would have found some over the last week. They say it’s great fun!!

If you’re in Denny then you can catch up on the last day of the famous “Denny Ute Muster” today, sorry about that Jane I missed it last week. And if you’re in that neck of the woods, then drop in to Hay for the big ‘Merino Field Day’ next Saturday.

Back up to the top end, we have the Milparinka Gymkhana coming up on the 3rd. July, big weekend there for the whole family. Foot races, full catering, free camping and breakfast on the Sunday morning, what a weekend with great people.

Don’t forget the ‘Collectables Market and Fair at the Garry Radford Pavilion in The Hill next Saturday week too. You’ll find heaps to do around the Silver City as well to fill in few days, duck out to Silverton one day and out the other way to the Mt. Gipps Resort the next day, both great places.

White Cliffs has a bit happening also, ‘Sew, Knit and Natter’ each Friday at the Hall for you girls to have a laugh and send your other half over to the ‘other building’ for  quiet ‘lemonade’. Oh and by the way, mark down in your diary, the Underground Art Festival on the 13th. to 22nd. August in that very same town. I’m well overdue to say a very big thanks to Randall at White Cliffs too. I get a lot of “filling” from Randall, she does a great job.

Cobar has an outing for you next Saturday as well. There’s the Miners Memorial Opening happening over there. Drop in and have a look, as well as lots other to see. Call in on Sam at the VIC, she’ll have you organised in no time.

More research for you next week, and hope you don’t miss out on anything in the meantime. The  best way not to miss out is to drop in to each of our little towns, have a yarn, meet a local, don’t tell Judy at Warrawong I’m back! But will be out there in a day or two. Have fun now, and drive safely. Catch you all next week,  cheers, Bill Elliott.   WCTA>


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