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Wilcannia River Radio is the site of a quiet revolution!

Did you know that we average 9 live interviews per month?

We have interviewed a wide range of people. For example, visiting tourists, local renovators and builders, the Mayor, the shire's heritage advisor, police prosecutor, a linguist, small biz bus staff, RSPCA vet, Pedal Power riders tackling the Tour de Darling route- and recently the newly appointed federal minister for Indigenous Affairs, the Hon. Nigel Scullion (we even have a picture of the latter to prove we did it!).

Many of our interviews are spontaneous- such as when we asked 3 members of the Rebel Motorcycle Club who were passing through Wilcannia after their annual ride to Western Australia.

Interviews are also part of our regular broadcast schedule; for example, Maari Ma's dietician talks to us on Tuesday afternoons about healthy eating and cooking choices.

WRRFM is a gift to community.

It is a communication tool which we would like more local groups and community agencies in Wilcannia to use. Research shows that radio is the most effective medium for reaching audiences, whether for relaying information or marketing. It does not cost anything to broadcast community notices of events, employment and training opportunities, birthday calls and cheerios, special occasions etc.

We want community to use their community radio!

Wilcannia Golf Club Nominations

Nominations forms for

  • Club President
  • Club Captain
  • Directors positions

are now available from the bar.

Anyone nominating for a position must be a financial member.

New Plaques for St Therese's Community School

Local woodwork artist Colin Clark has produced a series of wood plaques for St Therese’s Community School.Colin Clark's Wood Plaques for St Therese's Community School

The four plaques were commissioned by the school. The largest plaque (above left) is made from river red gum and leopard wood. This will be hung at the entrance to the school.

The three smaller plaques (similar to the one above right) are carved out of one piece of leopard wood and will be hung in classrooms.

New Faces at Miss Barretts

New faces Miss BarrettsMiss Barrett’s Coffee Shop and Bits and Bobs has been taken over by Jim and Linda Moss, formerly managers of “Warrawong on the Darling”.

We would like to thank all our customers who have helped get the business established, it has been great fun, but now is the time for a change.

Wilcannia River Radio news

Wilcannia river radio 103.1FM

The Central School now has its own program time slot on WRR. Teacher Frances and students Christine Hunter, Katrina Johnson and Julie Bugmy have chosen special music to accompany recent news of events and celebrations at school. In time these students will also learn how to use the outdoor recording equipment and pre-record programs.

The students’ program can be heard every Wednesday between 1.45-2.45. Tune in!  This is a great opportunity for parents and family to hear school news and to support new skill development in their children.

Talking Tucker with Maari Ma’s dietician is now a fortnightly event occurring on Tuesdays at 2.30pm. The next session will be on Tuesday 10 September with a focus on healthy summer drinks and icy poles. Elisa is replacing Cher.

Post Office Building to be Post Office again

At the meeting of Central Darling Shire Council in Ivanhoe today, two reports were considered regarding the future of the old Post Office building in Wilcannia and the purchase of the existing Licensed Post Office business from the current licensee.

The reports were adopted so the Council will now purchase the business and relocate it to the Old Wilcannia Post Office building. Council will also be investigating the possibility for the opening of a Tourist Information Centre in the same building.

Clr. Ray Longfellow, Mayor of Central Darling Shire, said he was delighted that Council had resolved to operate the Post Office and return it back to the building from which it had historically operated.

“It has been approximately 15 years since the Post Office business was removed from the original Post Office building. We are pleased to see the business returning to the old building, which had served as Wilcannia’s Post Office for over 120 years.”

Are they ski jumps or what?

Tourists often ask about what appear to be the ski jumps located at set intervals across the Talyawalka flood plain on the Cobar side of town. Former resident and Telstra employee Peter Clark who worked on the installation of the cable, gave us the following information. In the 1970’s the American space exploration program was in full swing.

Satellites launched by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were having trouble communicating with each other and earth based stations due to the curvature of the earth. To overcome this they built an earth station at Moree NSW and another at Ceduna, South Australia. Telecom, as Telstra was known then, installed the links between the two stations. It was also used for international and local traffic, though its most important and prime function was for NASA. The link between Cobar and MacDonalds Hill, near Olary, S.A. is a co-axial cable. The project cost $35 million in 1975 dollars ($221,685,000 in todays $).


Please be advised that routine maintenance works are scheduled to be completed on the historic Kinchega Woolshed.

Kinchega NP Field Staff will be performing maintenance on the Woolshed interior by applying a lanolin based decking solution in order to help protect the timbers from weathering and keep the Woolshed’s wonderful sheep smell alive.

While the lanolin is being applied and drying the Woolshed will be inaccessible for public safety reasons. Works will commence on Monday 26th August 2013 and are expected to take a week to complete.


The Golf Club’s Green Dragon Chinese restaurant has become well known for the quality of Richards cooking. Richard is now a household name on the south coast following a live phone interview with Wollongong’s Wave FM on Saturday afternoon. Wave FM recently ran a competition offering, as the prize, a weekend trip to the outback for 4 listeners and their partners. The tour was organised by Guidepost Tours. Guidepost Tours organised a similar trial run tour last year, which also included Wilcannia and lunch at the Green Dragon restaurant as one of the tour features. This was how word got to Wollongong about Richard and his meals. Morning show presenter Travis Winks, who accompanied the tour, said he had heard from the previous tour group, and in particular Paul the pilot, about Richard and was keen to get him on air to talk about the challenges of producing high quality meals in a remote town. Travis arranged for the station to phone Richard while the group was enjoying lunch. The interview and photos can be found on Follow the links to “Outback Adventure”.

Courthouse Café open for business

After 3 ½ years of repair and restoration the Courthouse Café opened a door for business last week.  Located on the corner of Reid and Cleaton Sts the site contains two historic buildings.  The first is the original Inn, built around the 1870’s from Wilcannia sandstone, containing in those days 5 bedrooms and two large reception rooms.   Today there are 2 bedrooms and four other rooms, all with timber ceilings - some original - from the 19th century.  Most floors are concrete with one timber, now replaced with new cypress pine.

The second building (at left), built in the early 20th century of local brick, is known to locals as the Courthouse hotel, previously the Punt hotel.  It was considered the best pub in town for at least the last 30 years of it’s life as a licensed premises which ended in 1990 when the then owner sold the license to a Sydney developer for a new building for the Olympic Games in 2000 for a rumored $110,000.   Originally the pub had three bars with a dining room, pool room and cellar.  Two walls were removed at some unknown time resulting in the present configuration of a large open space with fireplace and two rooms off it.  This is now a café with old style furniture, palms,  lamps and decorations including various bits collected by Sarah and Adrian in previous lives in Melbourne, UK, Sydney, Jakarta and Canberra.