June 2020

Many travellers, Regional Conservatorium concert

Good morning all,

Winter is definitely still with us. So great to see so many travellers coming out here to our outback country, and talking to many of them in the street, they are really enjoying themselves and so pleased to talk to a local.

They all appreciate any travelling tips and suggestions on travel. Don’t be afraid to stop and yarn to a caravan couple, you’ll be surprised how small the world is!

Now, Jane down at Deniliquin and her helpers have come up with this great idea. What you do is click on this link, link and it should all happen.  Now the “South West Music Regional Conservatorium” is going to host it’s first ever on line concert.

It starts at 1 PM next Friday, so click on this link and you should be able to be part of fantastic show. I can’t tell you any more purely because my ‘on line’ skills are appalling!

If you have any problems then email Jane at info@edwardriver.nsw.gov.au  and I’m sure she will assist. Don’t miss it, should be great. It features  local Wagga Wagga pianist  Matthew Garvie.

Broken Hill VIC is now open each day till about lunch time so drop in there if you need anything.

Can’t give any advice on the ‘border’ situation, who would know at the moment. But hey, there’s a heap of NSW still to be seen. Just at the moment there are lots of caravaners doing the Darling River run. Wentworth up to Bourke and beyond. Both sides of the river are accessible with Farm stays either side to welcome you. Was talking to one group today who dropped in to Greg and Lilly at ‘Nelia Gaari’  for the night and stayed 4 days. That spells fun!

Unfortunately I still can’t direct you to any activities that are happening but as I have said before, if you stop in any town and have a yarn to a local, you’ll be amazed how it will brighten your day and a stranger will become a friend.

Full house at Warrawong, more roos than usual ...

Good morning all,

Well winter is certainly here, but then we knew it was coming, throw another log on the fire!

I think we have more travellers on the road at present than we did last year, and speaking to some of them, they're just getting out and enjoying travelling round our great state.

A 'full house' out at Warrawong last night and all happy and heading hell west and crooked.

Now if you are heading Broken Hill way at all, then you must poke on out to Silverton and congratulate Peter and Patsy on attaining 10 years serving customers. Well done you two! And he’s skiting he can do another 10!

Have you heard the great idea up at the 'Back O Bourke' Gallery? Well Jenny and Steve have organised 2 hour flights over the Bourke area to take in National Parks, the mighty Darling river and heaps more.

You need to go into this website,  www.backobourkegallery.com    and see for yourself 'cause I'll be bound to get it wrong, and hope you can be part of the fun.

Only another week now and restrictions will be further eased and access will be available to more Information Centers and recreational areas. We may have a bit of a hiccup down south of the border it seems. A few too many cases popping up down there. So please don't relax on the basic principals of  'wash the hands, keep your distance', and be sensible about the whole thing.

If we can get our state through till the end of July we can all congratulate ourselves and find things are pretty close to normal.  

Plenty of travellers

Good morning to everyone,

Well half way through the month and we’re promised heaps more freedom on the 1st. July. And without anything stupid happening I’m sure we will be on target.

Had a quick trip to Adelaide this week, and it seems business as usual down there. We were treated with the utmost courtesy at the border, mind you we weren’t able to go on a shopping spree! But ‘mission complete’.

I’ve had nothing but reports of “full house” from all the parks and farm stays I have spoken to, and we people out here really appreciate the support and business you travellers are putting our way.

Reports of a great long week end at Menindee last week, and I believe similar at Wentworth and no doubt  by the travellers through here at Wilcannia, the same everywhere.

It is official now, the annual Louth Races have had to be cancelled. I really feel for Liz Murray and her band of helpers, a hard decision but had to be done. Just think next year Liz and Kathy!

Had a call regarding potable water for your top up here in Wilcannia, and it’s available at our BP Depot at the bottom end of Reid St. John and Pat will look after you there with a filtered water tap and 24 hr. self service fuel as well.

Don’t forget we are an RV Friendly Town and as such we have a Dump Point for your convenience on the highway near the toilet block.

Many travellers

Good morning all,

Yes I’m a day out but we were supposed to take a break yesterday! I poked along our main street yesterday and it was a pleasure to see so many vans, campers and travellers parked and travelling along our streets.

Every one I spoke to was so grateful for the yarn, a brochure and some local news.

Plenty accommodation, latest news radio stations

Good morning all,

Is everybody ready to go? It’s seems to have been a long time but so good that you all can move about our state once again.

And of course ‘we of the outback’ are ready to welcome whoever would like to venture this way. All our far west towns, our Farm stays, our caravan parks from Wentworth to Cameron Corner.

As there are no actual activities as yet, I suggest you stop by, have a yarn to a local, meet a new friend, and I bet you will have the run of the town in next to no time.

Of course, if you are in the ‘inside country’ and plan to do a big circle, what better than to poke down south through some of the fire ravaged areas and help their economy along and encourage them too.

Back in our own little town, we have 2 great caravan parks, (happy hour each night at Warrawong). If you have a pet then De. Will look after you at the Wilcannia Motel, and has a ‘pop up’ book exchange as well. And still leaves for you the Liberty Motel and the Victory Park caravan park right on the river.

You’ll receive the same welcome if you stop off at White Cliffs, Tilpa, Ivanhoe, Menindee etc. Too many to mention!

Make sure you tune in to our friendly radio stations too for all the latest news and happenings, ABC Broken Hill 999, Dubbo 657 and Wilcannia 1584. 2WEB Bourke 585. And  Wilcannia river radio 103.1 FM.

Of course it’s really important now more so than ever, that we stick to the rules and keep our distances, rinse your ’paws’ often, and show respect for others around.

It’s interesting that a few of the parks and attractions out here are already getting phone calls and enquiries. We just have to do the right thing and make sure we don’t have a relapse, don’t want that.