Many travellers

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 8:17am

Good morning all,

Yes I’m a day out but we were supposed to take a break yesterday! I poked along our main street yesterday and it was a pleasure to see so many vans, campers and travellers parked and travelling along our streets.

Every one I spoke to was so grateful for the yarn, a brochure and some local news.

And the best part is it’s not just Wilcannia, Menindee is bubbling over for the long weekend. One couple had just come back from Cameron Corner, another couple stayed at Nelia Gaari the night before. And of course I suggested many other of our outback towns worthy of a visit.

A slight mistake on my part last week. Our Victory Park van park was not actually open last week with the rest of them, however Mark and Leah will welcome you from Wednesday on. As of course will Warrawong, the Wilcannia Motel and Graham’s Motel.

Now Patrick at the Broken Hill Visitors Centre has sent me a copy of opening times round the Silver City, thanks Patrick, and I’ve attached for your convenience. The VIC will be opened mid month with limited hours he said.

Unfortunately Deni’s programme didn’t arrive in time, but see Jane at the Visitors centre and you’ll be right.

If we are getting so many through then no doubt all our outback towns and Farm Stays are similar. So thanks so much all you great travellers, please support us all and drop by and say hi.

Each of us have something to offer, and I think we are all grateful to see the steady stream of vans etc. once again.

If any of you have any little ideas to entertain our travellers, let me know. And by the way, the Underground Motel at White Cliffs is reopening on the 1st. July, so slot that into your itinerary because you can do a tour of the Opal town with Rob Dyson at the same time.

Short week this week, so enjoy and take the track less travelled. Enjoy what you see and keep in mind the restrictions of distancing and washing so we don’t have any setbacks.

Till we meet again, take care and enjoy.  Cheers,  Bill Elliott.


“Glad I didn’t waste my money buying a planner for 2020!”