Many travellers, Regional Conservatorium concert

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Monday, June 29, 2020 - 8:46am

Good morning all,

Winter is definitely still with us. So great to see so many travellers coming out here to our outback country, and talking to many of them in the street, they are really enjoying themselves and so pleased to talk to a local.

They all appreciate any travelling tips and suggestions on travel. Don’t be afraid to stop and yarn to a caravan couple, you’ll be surprised how small the world is!

Now, Jane down at Deniliquin and her helpers have come up with this great idea. What you do is click on this link, link and it should all happen.  Now the “South West Music Regional Conservatorium” is going to host it’s first ever on line concert.

It starts at 1 PM next Friday, so click on this link and you should be able to be part of fantastic show. I can’t tell you any more purely because my ‘on line’ skills are appalling!

If you have any problems then email Jane at  and I’m sure she will assist. Don’t miss it, should be great. It features  local Wagga Wagga pianist  Matthew Garvie.

Broken Hill VIC is now open each day till about lunch time so drop in there if you need anything.

Can’t give any advice on the ‘border’ situation, who would know at the moment. But hey, there’s a heap of NSW still to be seen. Just at the moment there are lots of caravaners doing the Darling River run. Wentworth up to Bourke and beyond. Both sides of the river are accessible with Farm stays either side to welcome you. Was talking to one group today who dropped in to Greg and Lilly at ‘Nelia Gaari’  for the night and stayed 4 days. That spells fun!

Unfortunately I still can’t direct you to any activities that are happening but as I have said before, if you stop in any town and have a yarn to a local, you’ll be amazed how it will brighten your day and a stranger will become a friend.

Have had many phone calls asking if ‘stopping in Wilcannia is permitted’. Please do, we would love to see you, as would our van parks, motels and businesses.

Hope I have more to report next week, and till then, travel safe and enjoy every minute.   Cheers,  Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“If you don’t like where you are, MOVE, you are not a tree.”