July 2017

Nyngan Ag. Expo, Louth races, Kilfera Field Day

Good morning everyone,

Well it’s trying to rain, and succeeding really, but to no avail whatsoever. Still, check in case there’s been an isolated storm.

I’ve got festivities coming out my ears this week so I’ll just list the lot and you can make the decision!

Landcare Forum in Broken Hill next Friday and Saturday, dinner and guest speaker Friday night.

The big Ag. Expo is happening in Nyngan next Saturday. Over 300 exhibitors, and something for everyone.

The Louth races, Saturday 12th. Iconic event of the west. Thousands of race goers will converge. And they’ll have a ball.

On the same day, 12th. is the Ivanhoe Quick Shear. Starts at 2 PM. Always a great afternoon and evening. Thanks for that Longy.

Can’t find anything on the 19th. but the Cobar Picnic Races are happening on the 26th. Big day in Cobar and heaps more to see there.

Also on the 26/27th. is the White Cliffs Gem Festival and Boot Sale. Again a full weekend of bush hospitality.

Lot's happenning .. Nyngan Expo, Broken Hill Landcare Forum, and more

Good morning all,

I’m changing my approach today. Rather than tell you all roads are dry, I’m asking you to let me know if you see any good feed in your travels. My previous stock life coming out!

The month is almost gone and all that’s left is a free movie night next Saturday night at Bourke, to see “hidden Figures”, and of course there’s heaps more to see and do whilst in Bourke, just call and chat to Margaret at the Info. Centre.

August is full of activity, the big Nyngan Ag. Expo is on the 5th. Over 300 exhibitors and stands, something for everyone! Say Hi to Max Tremain for me. Then on the same week end is the Western Landcare Forum in Broken Hill, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th , guest speaker and all.

We then skip up to Louth, for the next weekend. Saturday 11th. is the Louth School Fete, Calcutta and music at Shindy’s Inn that night, to set the tone for the Annual Louth Races on the next day 12th.

This is a prestige event in the west and attracts thousands from everywhere.

If you’d care to do a bit of fishing at Louth for a couple of weeks, you can toodle down to Cobar then for the Cobar Picnic races on the 26th. Not that keen on racing? Then duck out to White Cliffs, what a weekend they’re having out there. The White Cliffs Gem festival and Car Boot Sale over 2 days, the 26th. 27th. In fact be there on the Friday and you can sew, knit, learn and natter at the Red Earth Cafe with the local girls! Don’t worry fellas, duck into the pub and have a “lemonade”.

Moving on into September, as we have to. There’s a whopping big weekend in Broken Hill on the 8,9,10th. with the Broken Heel Festival. And of course all the heaps of other things to do while you’re in the Silver City, including the monthly Community Markets on soon, 12th August. Then if you happen to be passing through our little town here, the Wilcannia Police have another “Jailhouse Movie Night” for your entertainment on the 15th. September. All welcome.

Lightning Ridge Opal and Gem Fest, and more

Good morning all,

Do you know what the favourite weather forecast used to be on the ABC radio years ago? “fine in the west”. Not much has changed has it??

Anyway, hope the Condo Tattoo and the Wentworth Junction Rally went well.  

If you happen to be in Cobar next Saturday, go out to the CSA mine for their Open Day, you’ll enjoy it, not sure where to go, then call at the Cobar Museum, lovely people there they’ll help you.

Now you’re that close toodle up to the Lightning Ridge Opal and Gem Fest, it’s on the 27/30th. see a real opal town.

That brings us to August. By the way, did you know that tomorrow is the actual anniversary of the death of Jane Austin, 200 years ago. You must have studied one of her works at school. No?.

First up in August is the Nyngan Ag. Expo on the 5th. the Nyngan folk will welcome you, and be sure to drop into the Railway Museum, just lovely girls there.

Haven’t heard much from Bourke lately, but Hully would be still reciting poetry and cooking camp oven meals, still be river cruises etc.

All roads good, Condobolin Tattoo, Lightning Ridge Opals and Jem Festival

Good morning all,

There is certainly no problem going where you wish at the moment, all roads everywhere are certainly dry!

If you always wanted to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo, here's the next best thing. Head to Condobolin next weekend. They have bands coming from all over the state for the Condobolin Tattoo. It's only held every 3 years, so if you miss it, goodness knows where you will be in 3 years time. It is one of the biggest displays of bands in NSW, and you have to book, limited seats, so contact Heather Jones, Condo. RSL and enjoy.

Next weekend also is the Wentworth Junction Rally. Takes up the full week-end, vintage machinery, paddle steamers, and a host of ladies "thing-me-bobs" in the town hall. Big weekend in Wentworth.

There is a lot on next weekend, the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days are also on the go, and you can't get to them all, decisions!

If you're near Menindee, the CWA have a Car Boot Sale on the 23rd. You'll enjoy a day in Menindee.

Moving on, the Lightning Ridge Opals and Jem Festival is happening from the 27-30th. Duck up through Bourke and check out the old river town on the way.

Now moving into August, we have the Nyngan Ag. Expo, 5th. August, it's always good to see. And of course that same weekend, the big Western Landcare Forum is happening in Broken Hill, 5th and 6th.

Fort Courage Fishing Comp, Nyngan Ag expo, and more

Good morning all,

Little bit of rain about through the week, nothing to get excited about though.

Seems I missed some happenings in the Cobar/ Nyngan area, all the accommodation was booked out in both towns, so an old friend of mine said. It's good that it's all happening. Heard Andrew on our local ABC through the week, he was giving the RFDS Base a wrap and encouraging everyone to go out and have a look over it all. A lot of dedicated people out there. And do you know, if any of you had an accident out here in the outback, and we hope not, the RFDS would have you in Royal Adelaide Hospital in no time. Best medical service in the country.

Anyway, moving on. We have the Xmas in July Markets in Scone tomorrow, 4th. And then it's all happening in Wentworth. Next Saturday is the Fort Courage Fishing Comp. The Saturday after is just heaps, 15/16th. that is, there's the Junction Rally all weekend, and the ladies have fun for all at the Wentworth Town Hall. All those handicrafts that women have. But as I have said before, chat to the lovely ladies in the Visitors Centre. If you're down in "the inside country" then slip along to the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days, that's the 14/15th. Back out in the west you can have a few enjoyable hours at the Menindee branch CWA, for their Car Boot Sale on the 23rd. Moving on, the Lightning Ridge Opal and Gem Fest. coming up on the 27/30th. Big few days up there.