September 2012

Victory Park Caravan Park


Site: Barrier Highway
Wilcannia NSW 2836


Victory  Caravan Park, Operating

See Mark and Leah at the entrance, or follow instructions on gate (see photo below).




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For the record

A few of the photos taken at 11.00am today (Tuesday 18th September, 2012) to show a small snapshot of Wilcannia.
(Above/right): Wilcannia Golf Club with newly erected awning (click photo to expand to see all its glory :)

Below/Left: Wilcannia 103.1FM staff and supporters: Lorna Cooper, Brenda Riley and DJ Maureen Brown.

Lower right: Wilcannia weir looking towards the caravan park

Council Election results declared

The NSW Electoral commission has declared the results for the 2012 Central Darling Shire Election. The vote was finalized at published on the Electoral Commission website at 3.40pm on Friday the 14th September. There was then a 24 hour period during which any candidate could apply for a vote recount. As no application for a vote recount was received the vote was declared final at 3.40pm on Saturday the 15th September.


Honour Liversidge elected to position 1
Eamon Sammon to position 2
Peter Sullivan to position 3

Dennis Standley to position 1
Clive Linnett to position 2
Ray Longfellow to position 3

Lorraine Looney to position 1
Garry Astill to position 2 and
Ron Page to position 3

Rumors of Appeal
When asked to comment on reports that an appeal against the result in Ward A had been lodged Greg Copson, NSW Electoral Commission Election Manager, said that there had been no appeal lodged for a recount in the 24 hour period.

Family and community access

The photo (right) shows the almost-complete Family and Community Access Centre in Reid Street.

Native Title claim

Notice has been received from the National Native Title Tribunal regarding an application to the Federal Court under the Native Title Act 1993 by Ngemba, Ngiyampaa, Wangaaypuwan and Wayilwan to have their native title rights and interest recognised within the area described on page 16, back page, of the paper.

The application area is located within central NSW and covers areas of Crown Land and water in the vicinity of the town of Cobar, extending from Walgett and Bourke, in the north to Hillston and Ivanhoe in the south. The application falls within the Local Government Areas of Bourke, Bogan, Brewarrina, Carrathool, Central Darling, Cobar, Coonamble, Gilgandra, Lachlan, Walgett and Warren Shire Councils. Not all land can be claimed and freehold land is excluded.

As the Registrar of the National Native Title Tribunal has accepted this claim for registration, the Registrar is required to advise that a native title determination application has been made.

Spirit of the tent embassy

Date & Time:
Friday, October 12, 2012 - 6:30pm

WHEN: FRIDAY 12th OCTOBERtent embassy

COST: $45 per head

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Certificate III Child Care Recipients

Participants in Wilcannia’s Certificate 3 in Childcare were today rewarded for their efforts. The Certificate 3 in now a minimum standard that anyone wanting to work with children has to hold.

Child Care Cert III recipients(Photo: left to right): Chris Hunter, Rebecca and William Shillingsworth, Jade Shillingsworth Janine Johnson, Erica Mitchell, Sunno Mitchell and Emmitt Shillingworth, Krista Tatt, Jinxy Whyman, Fiona Cahill, Emma Koli, Belinda Ritchie and Puddin Bugmy. Photo courtesy Janine Johnson

Recipients of the Certificate would like to thank the following organisations for their support: Save the Children, Toy Library, St. Therese’s Community School, Wilcannia Women’s and Childrens Safehouse, Centacare, Central Darling Shire Council, parents and elders and a big thanks to Rebecca Shillingsworth for organising the presentation event.

Wilcannia News ceases

[update, February 2013 -- Wilcannia News renews publication, via new funding structure. More details soon]

After 8 YEARS and 378 editions, Wilcannia News has ceased circulation

Following Maari Ma’s abrupt removal of funding from the Wilcannia News, the last edition of the Wilcannia News under the current committee and in the current format was Vol. 9, Issue 35 (18th September, 2012).

It goes without saying that there are many people who can take the credit for Wilcannia News:

  • Maari Ma have picked up the tab for any shortfall that was not raised through advertising and paper sales. Maari Ma received all the advertising revenue from the paper.
  • The residents who have supported the paper by buying it each week from the local business’s who sold it without taking commission. 
  • The hundreds of people who have opened up and let us record their “Community Profile”, this became one of the most popular sections of the paper.
  • The advertisers, both regular and casual. The Wilcannia Golf Club and Sureway Employment have advertised in every edition since we began in December 2004, showing a  true commitment to the town.
  • Local, State and Federal Government agencies who have found the paper a useful means of advertising jobs, meetings, workshops and general information.
  • The schools who have given freely of material each week that highlights the good work that is being done by their students. Thanks to Patrick and staff at St Therese’s and  Michelle and Chloe at the Central School
  • Contributors such as “Kookaburra” in the early years, “Bulldust” from the beginning to the end, “Clarrie” with his “I remember,” Harold Hunts words of wisdom, history and most importantly his “Friday Funnies”, Sister Flo’s “Thought for the Week”, Emma’s “Food for the Soul”, have all helped give the Wilcannia News its particular flavour.
  • The Barrier Area Local Command police report, Centacare and Save the Children are recent arrivals, which reflect the changes that are happening in the community.

The committee finishes this paper with a feeling of disappointment at the extremely short (2 days) notice given to the paper by the Maari Ma Board.