Council Election results declared

Posted: Friday, September 21, 2012 - 11:20am

The NSW Electoral commission has declared the results for the 2012 Central Darling Shire Election. The vote was finalized at published on the Electoral Commission website at 3.40pm on Friday the 14th September. There was then a 24 hour period during which any candidate could apply for a vote recount. As no application for a vote recount was received the vote was declared final at 3.40pm on Saturday the 15th September.


Honour Liversidge elected to position 1
Eamon Sammon to position 2
Peter Sullivan to position 3

Dennis Standley to position 1
Clive Linnett to position 2
Ray Longfellow to position 3

Lorraine Looney to position 1
Garry Astill to position 2 and
Ron Page to position 3

Rumors of Appeal
When asked to comment on reports that an appeal against the result in Ward A had been lodged Greg Copson, NSW Electoral Commission Election Manager, said that there had been no appeal lodged for a recount in the 24 hour period.

Greg went on to say that if any candidate in the elections wished to lodge an appeal the only way now was to go through the Court of Disputed Returns. There is a 3 month period during which an appeal can be lodged through this court. Who pays for any court costs would be determined by the court.

Candidates can challenge any aspect of the election including eligibility to stand.

If any Councillor dies or resigns before the next election a by-election will have to be held. This will be at cost to the Council. If the resignation or death comes within 12 months of the next election, the council can apply to the Minister to run the council with a reduced number of members until the normal election is held.
Initial figures shows that just under 25% of voters failed to vote. This is a better showing that the 2008 election where almost 30% of eligible voters didn’t bother.
While A Ward had the lowest voter turnout, it also had the lowest informal vote.

Figures by ward are:

Total enrolment  371
Voter turnout  254
Percentage turnout 68.46%
254 votes lodged
9 were informal = 3.54%

Total enrolment 396
Turnout 308
Percentage turnout 77.78%
308 votes  
13 informal = 4.22%

Total enrolment 375
Turnout 296
Percentage turnout  78.93%
Total votes 296
29 informal = 9.8%