Amazing birdlife, check roads, RFDS Christmas puddings

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Monday, November 9, 2020 - 7:34am

Good morning all,

A few little snippets this week and in no particular order of course. The Royal Flying Doctor Service ladies are busy as boundary riders on a bee hive again this year making Christmas puddings. They’re aiming at 2000 on the production line, a fantastic effort for them as they are all volunteers and do this each year to help the RFDS out. So, if you are within cooee of the Silver City please duck out to the RFDS base at the airport and you can not only grab yourself a Christmas pudding, and one for your friend, you can also grab a few ‘pressies’ for your Xmas collection. There is heaps of gift ideas to choose from.

They tell me there are travellers getting out of their car at the van parks here in Wilcannia with their binoculars round their neck ready! Apparently there is an enormous array of birdlife here at the moment. Every bird imaginable, so if you’re a bit that way inclined, now’s the time.

Bit of weather on the way on about Tuesday they tell me, so don’t get caught out on a dirt road will you. And speaking of travelling, I am looking forward to letting you all know next week that our “don’t stop” signs in each of our 3 Central Darling Shire towns, Wilcannia, Menindee and Ivanhoe have been removed! Removal should happen this week. They are still causing concern for the odd motorist.

Speaking of a small gift to brighten someone’s day. We now have ‘Fridge magnets’ with little clips on them for sale here in Wilcannia, just in, and can be found at the BP as you fill up with fuel, Post Office when you call to have a laugh with ‘the girls’,  and at the caravan parks. A choice of 4 really nice old photos of the town. Grab a stubby holder while you’re on the job, they never go astray.

2 bad accidents on the roads under our nose this last week unfortunately, no fatalities but could have been much worse. Please be careful, we want you all to arrive safely.

Now as I’ve been harping for ages, the Community Markets are on in Broken Hill next Saturday. Try and drop in for a look, well worthwhile. And of course you have to also see Silverton, the RFDS, The Resort, Art Galleries, etc. etc. I think the team at the V I C are permitted to work usual hours now so catch up with them.

Don’t forget the Military Museum at Wentworth are having tours on Wednesday too. Again, have a chat to the lovely girls at their Visitors Centre, they’ll have you on the go.

Apart from the above. Please feel free to attend our Remembrance Day Service in whichever town you are passing through. You are most welcome to be part of that very special occasion at any of our towns on Wednesday at 11A M. The service is also broadcast on ABC radio. Remember the stations, 999, 1584, 657 and 549.

Have a great week, and please stop and say hullo. ‘We’ll meet again’. Bill Elliott.   WCTA.


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