Ivanhoe Christmas Raffles, Menindee Carols by Candelight, and ...

Hello everyone,

If only we could bring some of that rain out from the coast! Lot of problems down there.

How’s this for a week of activities, you’re really going to travel to make them all------.

It starts at Ivanhoe, you have to be at the RSL Club at 8 PM, (earlier if you wish of course) on Thursday for the RSL Christmas Raffles. Big heaps of prizes to be won and a top night guaranteed.

Relax in the friendly town till the next night, Friday, and Scott will host you all at the Open Night at the Pub. (which I got wrong last week). So, 2 big nights in Ivanhoe.

You have to zip down the railway track to Menindee next day to be ready for the Menindee “Carols by Candlelight”. Top night to be had there, to be sure.

Long  trip from Menindee to Nyngan!! But you see, the Nyngan Folk are going all out on next Sunday evening with their “Fabulous Carols in the Park”. Which way are you going to go? Incidentally we had a great night last Tuesday, David the Flying Padre came over for our Carols, as well as Richmond PRA, lovely girls,  well over a hundred, how good is that.

If you make it to Menindee, don’t forget the “Charities Op. Shop” is still open till the 19th.

AND, Justin, Julie and gang will welcome you all to their Christmas Party, Carols, and the rest, in the great village of Tilpa on the 20th. See the ATTACHMENT! And have fun. It’s all happening, we’ve decided (in a weak moment) to remodel our lounge room!! And have it finished before Xmas. Possible, yes. Probable, good god yes--. Bite off more than you can chew and keep on chewing!

Enough from me again. Soon time to sign off for the year me thinks. So have a great week whichever gala show you attend, we’re aiming for Ivanhoe, take care all of you. Cheers Bill Elliott  WCTA.


“THE COCKTAIL PARTY: A device for paying off obligations to people you don’t want to invite to dinner.”