Topar Gymkhana, Back O Bourke Gallery and more

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Monday, May 6, 2019 - 8:12am

Good morning all,

What a fantastic difference to see a tinge of green grass everywhere. And yet listening to "Macca" this morning, there are many many areas that have missed out still. When you see it raining you tend to take for granted it's widespread.

You better pop in and buy a card this week, it will go with the tea and toast for mum next Sunday morning! Maybe bacon and eggs?

Anyway, the weekend after, the 18th./19th. is a big weekend at the Topar pub. The band of willing workers around there are staging the "Topar Gymkhana", so see if you can make it. If on the other hand you're not into horses and telling tall yarns, then head to White Cliffs, sit back for 3 whole days, 17th. to 19th. and be entertained with music and hospitality. Don't forget to vote though before you go to either, polling booths are scarce out this neck of the woods.

The next event for the month is the next weekend at Menindee. 2 full days, 25th. 26th. of music laughter and give ways and it's called "Dancing on the Darling". They will look after you down there.

If you're up in the top end of the "outback" then the "Back O Bourke Gallery" is in full swing, as is a dozen other things up at Bourke to entertain you.

Sorry to mention the war but the election is a fact of life at the moment. 

If you are enrolled in a NSW Electorate you can vote at the White Cliffs Community Hall Mobile Polling Booth on Thursday 16th May from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

I have attached a list of other early voting centres plus a list of where interstate visitors can vote on election day. For around the Central Darling area the only interstate booth will be at Broken Hill.

If I've missed your event in the next couple of weeks I'll make amends next Monday, promise! My list has taken a short break.

Hope you have a great week, tune to our outback radio stations won't you, and be guided, entertained and informed!

Bye for now, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.

"The grass may be greener on the other side, but it's still just as hard to cut"

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