“Sunraysia Fly-in”, Bi-annual Louth Field Day, and more

Good morning everyone,

Quite a few things happening in the next week or so, and don’t forget, it’s also the long weekend. That means in simple terms, big heaps of travellers on the roads and double demerit points if the occasion so arises. So don’t toodle off without your seat belt done up, and don’t do that quick text while you’re speeding along “to save time”.

If you’re in the Hill on Tuesday, duck into the Musician’s Club and enjoy the Melbourne Comedy Festival, should be a great night out. You could then check out Tri State Safari’s tours to easily fill in a few days and then take in the Community Markets on Saturday! There’s a week in Broken Hill. But if you’re near Ivanhoe, enjoy “happy hour” all night at the Pub for the 1st. State of Origin match, complete with food and fun. Then you might as well wait till Saturday  and enjoy the “Pig Competition” in the little town.

Now, also on next Saturday, we have a host of things happening. The Bi-annual Louth Field Day is also on next Saturday. That’s a big day for all with heaps of exhibitors, stalls. Food, and friends you haven’t met yet! Help swell the little Darling river town.

Can’t make Louth? Then how about Wentworth. The “Sunraysia Fly-in” is happening at the Wentworth aerodrome, you’ll love it. And you can send the wife off to the “Wentworth World Wide Knit”, happy wife happy life! If none of the above fits, there’s Craft on in White Cliffs at the Corner Store or the Red Earth Cafe, better check out the venue, then head to the pub whilst wife enjoys.

A bit down the track too is the “Duck Creek Picnic Races”, they’re on the 7th. July, down Nyngan way, really only a few weeks.

Back in our own little town. 2 excellent Caravan Parks, Victory and Warrawong. 2 Motels, Liberty and The Wilcannia, it’s pet friendly and free Wi-Fi, (not for the pet!). Which opens the gate to the best Chinese food at the Golf Club that you’ll find anywhere. And don’t worry about breakfast, just turn up at Miss Barrett’s Coffee Shop!

There’s your week at your fingertips, so go and have fun, listen to our fabulous radio stations, and remember, we’re RV Friendly, dump point on the highway and top up your water supply free at our friendly BP fuel depot.

Till we meet again, cheers to you all, Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“Dear Algebra

Please do not ask us to find your X

She is not coming back and we don’t know Y.”