Roads good, Deni Ute Muster, and more

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Monday, September 28, 2020 - 7:01am

Good morning all,

Totally impossible to predict the weather! Suffice to say almost all of the unsealed roads are now open.

That means you all can explore our many Farm Stays both along the river and the ones hidden away. And don’t forget there are really good camps and stays all the way from Bourke down to Wentworth.

Now I was speaking to a lovely couple in the street the other day, and they had a wonderful night at the Palace Hotel in Broken Hill the night before. They attended “Karaoke” at the Palace. So I checked up and Ester has it on every Wednesday night. If you’re within cooee of Broken Hill why not go along.

Remember I said about the “Deni Ute Muster”, well you can be part of it. I’ve attached the flyer on ‘how to’ don’t ask me how it works but why not give it a crack! Jane Frazer will help you out at the Deni. Centre. Maybe you good people could print it off and display it for the hell of it.

Was also talking to an old friend in Nyngan this week, and Glad said the revamped Nyngan Railway Museum will soon be opened. They have done great work there, well worth seeing.

So many wonderful people coming through our little town now, and stopping to have a look, which we really appreciate. Please also don’t forget, if you are travelling into South Australia, as you all can now. Every person in the car has to have a number from SA Police website, not just the driver.

If you make Broken Hill for Ester’s “Karaoke” be sure to poke on out to the Royal Flying Doctor Base out at the airport. They have heaps of souvenirs, handy things for caravans, gifts and goodness knows what else to see, and great people with it. See how our bush kids out on properties go to school. Been learning from home for years and turning out great kids. Go and have a look.

Broken Hill brings to mind Patrick at the Visitors Centre, he’ll probably send you up to Tibooburra for a run, tar all the way now. Packsaddle and Milparinka on the way. There’s a few days gone! Say nothing of the wild flowers.

Now they tell me our coffee trailer is working longer hours from now on, and De has heaps of books for you at the Wilcannia motel, check ‘em out, an then slip up for a quick drink and meal at our golf club.

Just wish I could tell you of more events happening but time will tell.

Have a great week, tune in to our outback radio stations with what’s on and take a break in all our little towns, you are most welcome. Till we do it again, cheers, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


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