Invite a friend, Packsaddle Roadhouse and more

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Monday, May 25, 2020 - 6:11am

Good morning to you all,

Things are looking better aren’t they?? One more week, and we people out here in the far west will be ready to welcome anyone who is looking to see something different.

Our caravan parks, motels and farm stays will make your stay memorable.

Was listening to our local ABC the other morning, Andrew doesn’t do a bad job on air. But he actually came up with a brilliant idea, on air too! If all of us ‘bushies’ out here in the west were to invite a relative or a friend out to see us, we would end up with 20,000 visitors to boost our outback trade! Don’t know how we’d handle them Andrew but up top for thinking!

I think there will be a lot of Clubs, Pubs and restaurants that may refrain from opening till there is no restrictions on numbers. Imagine if there were 30 in a club and you were next?  You wouldn’t be happy.

However all towns out here, you can get take a way, so for instance, grab a bottle of wine or 6 pack from the Club, sit round the camp fire at Warrawong and enjoy happy hour, or wherever you bed down.

I haven’t checked yet, but as I said, after next Monday, I’m sure there will be Rob’s river cruises starting to happen in Menindee, Rob Dyson will be getting ready to show you round White Cliffs. Things will be ramping up in Bourke I’m sure.

Those girls at the Wentworth VIC will be in full flight! So, we are all waiting to welcome you.

Interesting to hear from Michael in Broken Hill, he’s starting to get inquiries already, as is Warrawong.

Have you flipped through the latest “Outback Magazine”? Well done Mia and Arn at the “Packsaddle Roadhouse”, a really good article Mia, you deserve credit.

Winter is certainly upon us, and it’s going to be chilly next week too for venturing out. If any of you have any impromptu entertainment planned to publicise  after next week, drop me a line, only too pleased to send it around.

So much for now have a great week and remember, keep your distance, only one week to go. Cheers for now,  Bill Elliott. WCTA.


“When we come out of this, and I ask you, ‘where do you want to eat’. I do not want to hear, ‘don’t know’. You’ve had 45 days!.”