Graeme Connors in White Cliffs, Arias in the Outback, and more ...

Good morning all,

The weather is certainly predictable, unfortunately. As some of you caravaners  and travellers are no doubt sheep and cropping couples from way back, you would understand the seriousness of the drought from here to Woop Woop. And unfortunately the supply of available feed for stock is disappearing. So as well as stopping in our towns and having a yarn, stop on the road if you see a “cocky” feeding his stock and have a yarn, he needs it.

Now, next Saturday/Sunday is the famed Wentworth Show. If you’re anywhere near, say 200 km. have the weekend in Wentworth. Then you’re ready to head up to Menindee for the “Fathers Day Fishing Challenge”. Full weekend there and plenty to do.

On the Saturday is a Gala Music Night at  Silverton, poster attached. You can’t be at both so who likes Fishing and who likes music!!.

In between those, if you are near White Cliffs, they are having a “pot luck dinner” on Wednesday 29th. for the drought appeal, you know, talking about it above. Then on Fathers Day up at the opal city as well there’s a roast lunch on at the Sporting Club.

Moving on, down in ‘the inside country’ the Blue Heeler Film Festival is taking up the 22nd. September at Denman. Great little town. And from one side of the state to the other, but put this in your diary or GPS, Graeme Conners will be in WHITE CLIFFS for a concert on the 20th. October.

So, there you have it. Drive carefully, watch out for the roos, and unfortunately slow up if there’s dust. You can’t always see through it, pull over for a while it’s safer.

Till we talk again, cheers,  Bill Elliott. WCTA.


“Be happy with the little you have. There are people with nothing who still manage to smile.”