Tilpa Annual Gymkhana, and more

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Monday, July 15, 2019 - 10:01am

Good morning once again,

Saw a long term weather prediction on TV tonight, don’t think you have to worry about wet roads for quite some time unfortunately. Things really are getting serious in the water situation throughout a few states.

Anyway, if you are undecided where to go next? Problem solved! Head to Tilpa for next Saturday’s Annual Gymkhana. All are welcome. Then down the bottom end of that very same river at Wentworth, there’s a big Fishing Comp on the next Saturday the 27th. Of course there’s a heap happening down in the Wentworth/Mildura area all the time, so poke on down and see for yourself.

If you don’t make it that far then stop off at Pooncarie and go to their big Gun Shoot on the same day, 27th.

Moving right along, there’s the Louth races on the 10th  August. The Wentworth Show on the 24/25th. August. And the Tibooburra Gymkhana placed at October 5th.

Not a lot of changes since last week, so enjoy yourselves in the lovely sunshine, feel free to ring me from our website if I can help.

Cheers again till next week, Bill Elliott. WCTA.


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