13 June, 2017 - Roads, and other news

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 9:28am

Good morning all,

Well distance is still a problem with my limited tech knowledge, and my apologies if I have missed any info you may have sent through.

Driver Reviver was very successful here over the weekend with heaps of travellers dropping in for a chat and a cuppa, from all corners of the country.

The only 2 items of interest I have for you today is the Topar Campdraft coming up next weekend, if you're anywhere in cooee. And great news for anyone travelling through Ivanhoe, Loz's coffee shop has opened up again with all the extras she always had no doubt, so drop in and say hi.

Heard from the travellers today there has been some rain up Louth way so a bit of caution if you're heading up that way on dirt roads. Should imagine it won't take long to dry out.

Very short this week, but remember there's something to see whatever town you come to and always a new friend to meet. Bigger round up for you all next week, I promise!

Cheers for now, Bill Elliott. WCTA.

"A bad attitude is like a flat tyre, if you don't change it you won't go anywhere."--