Rod Thompson's River Walk

Good morning all,

The long weekend has thrown me right out of kilter, and there seems to be a real lull in activity next weekend as well.

The fact that we only got home yesterday doesn’t help! However, thanks to my good friend Ross Earl I have found there’s a fellow by the name of Rod Thompson, he’s walking down the river from Bourke, to highlight the plight of our river. Now if he’s on foot I should be able to handle catching up with him! Look out for a bloke walking along our river and when you see him stop and have a yarn. Besides, you’ll make a new friend.

I think congratulations are due to the Mooring family up at Louth. Great Field Day there on Saturday, and no doubt the Pig Comp. at Ivanhoe would have enjoyed the same success.

Since the week is now in full swing and I really don’t have any idea on what the weather has in store for us, I think I shall just back out quietly, wish you all enjoyable touring for the rest of your journey, and if I see you in the main street here in our little town be sure to say g’day.

Till next week, when I get my act together!  Cheers  Bill Elliott. WCTA.


Notes from a hospital chart, actual. “The patient has 2 teenage children but otherwise no other abnormalities”.