Wilcannia's refurbished restaurant, Wentworth Show, and more

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Monday, August 12, 2019 - 6:42am

Good morning all,

We won’t mention the weather and it might go away! I don’t think anyone is spared at the moment, just some colder than others.

What a great weekend at Louth, people from all over as is always the case.

Next weekend it’s off to White Cliffs. A full weekend up there with the “Gem Festival” over 3 days, but you’ll need more time than that! Book into the caravan park and let Rob look after you and be sure to go on a tour of the town and surrounds with him and you’ll learn heaps. I was up there on Saturday and had a really great tour round.

Now the next weekend is the Wentworth Show. Why not come down from White  Cliffs, stay a day or 2 in Wilcannia, take in our refurbished chinese restaurant at the Golf Club, poke on down to Greg and Lily at “Neila Gaari”, stay the night maybe. On down to Menindee, a beer at “Maidens”, on to Pooncarie and land at Wentworth just as the Wentworth Show starts, 24th/ 25th..

You’ll have to call on the Visitor  Centre “gang” in Wentworth and they’ll keep you busy for the week.

If of course you go east from White Cliffs, still have a day in Wilcannia, poke on to Cobar, with a coffee and a break with Virginia at “Emmdale” and check out Cobar, up to Bourke and do a relaxing River Cruise, there’s really no end to what you can do.

Looking on down the track, we can offer you the “Broken Heel Festival” on the 13th. to 15th. of September and of course a host of other attractions whilst you’re in “The Hill”. Can I also suggest you call out to the Royal Flying Doctor Base and see for yourself what a wonderful medical service we of the outback are blessed with. It is second to none.

Further down the line is the Tibooburra Gymkhana and Bikekhana, and it’s happening on the long weekend in October, be there.

Don’t forget those “pop-up” book shops that are about, after all, what else  are you going to do from “set up camp” to “beer o’clock” each day? Have a read! One at De’s Motel in Wilcannia and another at “Pine View” station up north.

So, get out there and meet someone, have a yarn, do something for the first time, and take time to stop in our little towns. Cheers Bill Elliott. WCTA.


“Don’t ever regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many.”