Hermidale Gymkhana, Anzac Day and more

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Monday, April 11, 2022 - 8:24am

Good morning everyone,

With Easter upon us, we might start with the places you can choose from next week end.

Up north at Bourke you can have a full weekend with the Bourke Easter Festival, this includes big mobs of happenings including the exhibition at Jenny's gallery, "When the Darling Flows".

If you head past Hermidale, they would love to entertain you on Easter Sunday at their Gymkhana.

Now a long way from Hermidale, there's non stop action at Packsaddle, you'll enjoy their few days of Gymkhana etc. Then, if you are within cooee of Wentworth, you're really lucky 'cause they have their Easter Regatta and Garage sales. Remember, if you're poking through Wilcannia, drop in and say g'day, we'd love to see you.

Once you've settled down after Easter, we have big mobs of events for your enjoyment the following week end.

First and formost of course is the massive "Mundi Mundi Bash" on the outskirts of Broken Hill. I think there's going to be more vans, people and travellers than the Silver City has ever seen, so don't miss the fun. Oh by the way that is the 21-22 and 23rd. If you haven't booked for it, don't panic, just duck out to White Cliffs for their Gymkhana and Rodeo on the 22/23 and 24th. And rest assured you will be looked after out at 'the Cliffs'.

This of course brings in Anzac Day. Now for our area round the outback, White Cliffs have their Anzac service at 10 AM. and other things as well. Here in Wilcannia we have our Dawn Service at 6-15 AM. This is followed by breakfast at the Courthouse Cafe. Then the march and service at 11 AM. followed by a light lunch in the park. Down in Ivanhoe, same procedure, Dawn service then breakfast at the RSL Club and then the 11 o'clock service. Now down at Menindee, they are having the same I feel, dawn and 11 o'clock but please check me out on this one.

Now Broken Hill will definitely have an excellent service and all the trimmings, and I can guarantee you a very enjoyable afternoon out at Silverton or The Resort.

Moving on,  The Pooncarie Gun Club have a 2 day event on the 29/30th. That finishes April!

Oh, and don't forget,you have a big decision to make on the 21st. May now that 'Scomo' has made his big decision!

A few great outings to keep in mind, (I will remind you though),  Cobar Show, 20/21st. May. Nyngan Show, 22/23rd. May and the massive "Agfair" in Broken Hill, 27/28th. May. It's all happening!

Enough from me now, please drive carefully, lots of storms floating round, check road conditions before going on dirt roads, (Cobb Hwy.!). Always keep in the back of your mind, if you have an accident whilst travelling on a closed road, your insurance won't cover you. 

Have a yarn to the next stranger you see, remember 6 degrees of separation!!

Take care now, cheers, Bill Elliott. WCTA.


"Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the STRESS in you."